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Party Planning 101 provides an excellent path to plan a party the professional way. A lot of people out there who wants to throw a party just feel tangled up in the process of arranging different things and it is where they are making a big mistake and are led to enter a chaotic situation. To prevent this, it is best to move on in an organized way.

Planning Ahead

Planning for your party is a very important aspect that puts you in a better position to work through and manage things very effectively. So do not forget that before you start off with the things, pick up a pen and paper and jot the things down to get your party rock.

Write A Guests' List

Making the list of guests is the most important thing. This will determine as to what are the different arrangements you will be needing in terms of food, party area that needs to be set, designing the games so that all your guests are accommodated well in that etc.

Give Your Party A Theme

You can give a theme to your party such as Alien Party, Lobsterfest Party, Clambake Party etc., as this will define as to what are the relevant things you will be organizing at your party, as a theme just makes the party a focused event .

Choose Party Colors

You can choose the party colors and your party colors can be related to your party theme. Your selection of colors is going to add life to your party and this will make your guests feel like they are a part of a fairytale.

Creating Invitation Cards

Creating invitations is a really interesting part while organizing a party. You need to focus that your invitation cards must be the true representative of your party. They should be jazzy and a true reflector of your style and taste.


Decorating your party area is creative work. You can decorate the party according to the theme and can involve your family and friends to pool in their ideas so that you get your best shot at it.


That is something what you can say is the soul of your party, good food means good party, excellent food means excellent party, and this is how you can gauge the success of your party. So plan wise while planning the food for your party, as you know the best recipes in your area.


The games for different parties are designed according to their theme, so when you are planning the games, do stress on the most important thing, and that is everyone has the opportunity to participate in that.

Gifts and Prizes

Every individual who is going to win the game is going to get gifts and prizes and for that you need to do some creative shopping.


Source by Gail Leino

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