Prepare and defend against a disaster


There is no way anyone can predict when a disaster will strike or what kind of disaster it can be. It can be a natural disaster like the recent hurricanes, earthquakes or floods. And it can be due to other reasons like economic breakdown. We have seen recently that thousands of lives were lost in the event of disasters because the people were not prepared or had no idea of ??what to do before the help arrives. Here are some great survival ideas on how to prepare yourself to be ready for any sort of crisis.

• Always keep an eye on your surroundings and conditions to be aware if there is a chance of a crisis that may affect you and your family.

• Have some survival kits ready at your home which should include some basic medicine, first aid and other important things.

• During the event of a crisis or a disaster, keeping aware of your surroundings is a great survival idea. This will help you to understand the situation and tackle any problems before they arise.

• You should be aware of a list of basic necessities that are usually sold out during crisis and should be prepared to buy them as soon as possible.

• Protection and survival of your family should be the first priority.

• Family survival courses can help you a lot in the event of a disaster. You can get a family survival course from different websites, books and other sources.

These were some basic survival ideas that would help prepare you. But the best bet would be taking a family survival course which will teach you about different scenarios and will give you different ideas to ensure the survival of you and your family. The recent hurricane in US and floods in India have shown that majority of the people who were affected had no idea about what to do. The authorities had been warning days before but almost no one prepared themselves for it. Most of the people did not have clean drinkable water and were exhausted due to dehydration.

A family survival course will enable you to scout for water sources and will also teach you how to filter water to make it drinkable. It will also prepare you how to survive with minimum resources. Real survival starts after the disaster has struck because sometimes it takes days for help to arrive and it is these days that you must keep in mind and prepare yourself for.


Source by Norman Reed

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