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Reading lots of books and articles about how to
become millionaire, I discover that most of the
millionaires are preparing budget to control
their cashflow.

Even I know how to prepare a budget for my daily
spending and know how budget is so important to
control my money, I do not like to prepare budget!

I just do not like to prepare a lot of paper work
just for controlling my expenses.

Yes, there are lots of software that I can use
to prepare my budget, but to me, it still requires
me lots of time and work to prepare budget.

However, if I want to become a millionaire, how should
I control my money without prepare budget?

This question comes in my mind quite a period, and
finally find out how to control my money.

Answer is simple.

What I do is just ready 100 bucks for one week
expenses. In other words, every week I can only
spend 100 bucks.

This trick is simple and everyone can apply
immediately. In one week, I can spend this 100
bucks to buy everything I like, to eat and use for
any expense, as long as I do not over spend this
hundred bucks.

After I apply this simple trick, now I do not have
to prepare any more paperwork and at the same
time, I can control my cashflow without over

But, sometimes I still can not control my spending
for hundred bucks in one week. This is mainly due
to some emergency cases.

For this reason, I set up another limit, there is
every month when I receive my monthly salary or
other imports, I will transfer part of my money
into another saving account.

The main purpose of this saving account is I only
can use the money from this account for my monthly

This is my simple way to control my cashflow.

If you like me, who wants to control your money
but lazy to prepare your own budget, then these
two simple tricks could help you control your
money without prepare any budget.


Source by John Liew Tze Yung

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