Prepare and defend against a disaster


There are many reasons for a disaster Chinese symbol tattoo. The most important one would be wrong translation or even translation, I know a lot of people just choose Chinese symbols from some flashes simply because they look cool.

Also, some times, you may get a symbol tattoo that exactly means what you want, but a tattoo artist may ruin the tattoo by wrongly tattooing them on your body. It is understandable considering that the writing and strokes of Chinese symbols are so complex and delicate, the smallest mistake may make it disaster.

Then how to avoid disaster Chinese tattoos?

1. Find a reliable translation. The best and direct way is to find a Chinese guy you know to translate them for you. But not every one will be able to get a Chinese people to translate, so you may consider a reliable online Chinese tattoo translation service. It is also fast and effective. But as there are a lot of sites offering such service, you will learn to choose a reliable one for you.

2. Do you own research. You may go to your local library or simply look for help on the Internet, Chinese forums, Yahoo answers, Google search, you will certainly get some helpful information. However, it should be very careful and get some reconfirmations. Because there are all kinds of people in the forums, all sorts of information on Google. The more research, The more accurate you get your translation.

3. Make sure that you get both quality design and stencil for your Chinese symbol tattoo, this is very essential, since most artists do not understand Chinese symbols. A blurred picture contribute to more possibility of errors from the tattoo artists. Ask the tattoo artists to reconfirm the symbol tattoo before piercing, avoid such mistakes as mirrored Chinese symbols, omitting or adding some strokes.


Source by Richard Norten

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