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Of course all of us are horrified and saddened by the murderous carnage of almost 500 French citizens, and we offer our heartfelt empathy and solidarity with France. But what did any country still in their right mind expect?

What did they think will happen by openly allowing active elements of Islamic State Jihadists to waltz and chuckle their way into countries like France, England, Germany, and even Australia under the disguise of being humble immigrants, in plain view of the corrupted auspiciousness of the New World Order politically correct multi-cultural integration debacle.

All of these while proudly marketing their hijabs and burkas and prayer rugs as both a badge of honor and disdainful mockery of the host countries they infiltrate.

Once entrenched in these countries, they then proceed to subvert the host governments and establish as much illegal Shariah law as possible, while taking over entire neighborhoods and intimidating infidels with ’No Infidel entry zones’ that prohibit even police patrols, as has been happening in England and France. How would anyone NOT be thinking that the inevitable natural progression of something like this direct attack on their country’s citizens would eventually evolve from that?

That is so egregiously and publicly stupid that good citizens everywhere in these countries had better begin to seriously contemplate the mental stability of their leadership’s decisions and country’s social paradigm for the critical safety of their own futures!

War Is Hell!

During World War II, there were serious restrictions on entry of foreigners from enemy countries at war with America. At one point, we even sequestered our own mainland Japanese American citizens on just the perceived potential of their enemy corroboration.

This was later severely condemned by civil liberty groups and rightly so, especially because they were already citizens of this country and their due process was suspended.

But because the hard cold reality was that these Japanese citizens could easily be forced to compromise their American patriotism by threatening their overseas relatives. In fact, there were enemy plans directly related to that eventuality, the ultimate concession for the country’s survival could err on the side of caution when it came to the incomprehensible idea of losing the war.

So many historians now rationalize such drastic measures in the interest national self-preservation, just like the atomic bomb being dropped on Japanese civilian cities. After all, the entire nation you are at war with amounts to your deadly enemy, not just its military.

Yet currently the U.S. policy maintains the naked audacity to not only fail to prohibit this type of dangerous immigration as a primary essential precaution, but it actually seems to encourage it! And we certainly know the mentality of our own current regime reflected in their international “user-friendly” enemy policy.

We know that the obvious lack of enthusiasm by this regime to fight anybody–even a threat greater than that of 9/11–in any military fashion other than a few token air strikes, to mitigate critical analysis of government inactions approaching accusations of passively aiding and abetting the terrorism it was created to defeat, is part of a leftist political power elite agenda.

But the president’s duty first and foremost is ONLY to protect our borders from invasion by potential foreign enemies of the state, not facilitating their entry! Not spying on American law abiding citizen patriots so that they could eventually disarm them! But keeping dangerous foreign nationals OUT for the sake of all Americans. Period! And he is patently failing to do his job!

Many of us finally realize that the reason that this regime never uses the word Muslim or Islamic in their descriptive vocabulary defining radical Islamic Jihadist terrorists, is because of the 90% guaranteed Muslim vote block gifted to Obama’s party by Muslim citizens here in America!

The 1.3 million registered Muslim voters in the last election is believed to have doubled to over 3 million and climbing by 2016. Most of these votes are concentrated in important swing states where even a block of fifty thousand could make a critical difference in the outcome.

Muslims are psychotically sensitive about their religionist image, and this is why this administration is not using the term Muslim or Islamist as an adjective modifying the noun “terrorism”, to sustain the vote bribe, and looking the other way as treasonous footprints of Shariah law lay their insidious tracks across the land.

But the major problem with this American government’s unholy political alliance with Muslims in this country is this: it subverts the United States Law of the Land! It endangers our entire foundational way of life because it also tacitly permits Islamic theocrats to establish surrogate Shariah law theocracies in local municipalities.

This is a direct violation of American Constitutional Law, specifically the 1st Amendment, which strictly and unequivocally forbids any establishment of a theocracy in a nation founded on secular egalitarian principles and governed by a non-religionist Constitutional Law of the Land.

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Conquering from Within

Some of us already are familiar with Dearborn Michigan’s majority of Muslim inhabitants who are slowly but surely accomplishing real time replacement of American social values with delusional theocratic Shariah law. And by the way, Dearborn also has a “no go hate zone” similar to the ones in France and England that illegally bans citizens they don’t approve of. Like Christians and our American veterans.

Cops don’t do anything about it because they are ordered by Muslim influenced administrators not to get involved if they want to keep their jobs. But few know about the town of Hamtramck a few miles outside of Detroit’s city limits, which very recently elected a majority of Muslim town council members to run the community.

So here we are essentially ignoring and even sanctioning the eventual overthrow of our American country by Islam with our own complicit failure to prosecute and prohibit the passive takeover of our late, great American liberty and justice lifestyle.

And just the other day Benton Harbor Michigan elected Marcus Muhammad the mayor of the town. Don’t feel too ignorant about these facts. The MSM is Hillary’s PAC group. So they carefully “edit” what they don’t want you to know as much as they can.

Be afraid, fellow patriots. Be very afraid. My predictions may come true sooner than we thought.

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The Final Solution

We must immediately suspend the recent immigration plans from Syria and other dangerous hot spot terrorist breeding grounds in the Middle East. Otherwise, it is nothing less than cutting our own throats and contributing to our own national beheading in the long run.

At least one of the dead Paris terrorist shooters was just confirmed to be a recent “refugee”. French authorities are hunting a dozen more as you read this who planned well enough to still remain at large. There are more intentional radical attack Jihadists among these refugees than anyone would want to believe.

I have mentioned before that during WW II the American government recognized that even American Citizens of Japanese heritage would pose a potential but serious danger, because their patriotism and loyalty could easily be compromised by enemy threats to their families still living in Japan.

Contrary to liberal apologists, banning Middle East immigrants from entry to the U.S. would NOT be inhumane when you consider the cost of expatriation, vetting, accommodations, and undeniable risk, and the fact that they are not American citizens or even legally processed immigrants. And the fact that they can be sufficiently accommodated by re-establishing them in neutral Middle Eastern countries or even some African nations with plenty of room for encampments with the support of NATO resources and world sponsored humanitarian aid.

It’s far less expensive, less trouble and much safer for our country, and there is no rational justification for not closing our borders, at least temporarily, to deleterious foreign infiltration, let alone actually facilitating it.

Then when you consider the humongous tax dollars used to deploy anti-constitutional violations of our 4th and 2nd/Amendment civil liberties by wanton spying on everything we say, do, purchase, and where we supposedly enjoy our freedom to travel, all under the specious agenda based fraud of public safety to prevent another 9/11, it would seem to be obvious to even the most cognitively disadvantaged politicians that simply closing the borders to outside infiltrators– instead of tracking law abiding citizens and violating their rights–would go a lot further in keeping this country safe.

Secondly, we must initiate a new “Desert Storm” in the Middle East. Of the shock and awe magnitude that would make Stormin’ Norman’s original historic battle look like a Cub Scout wrestling match. This time against the ENTIRE radical ISIS territorial claims at once.

The nit wit excuses that the current regime‘s equivocators use in purposefully dilatory exercises in useless circumspection to appease the Islamic theocracy is no longer acceptable, It is approaching treasonous manifestations, especially after despicable unwarranted war crimes against France.

The allied powers should initiate a massive coordinated surge of crushing end of the Islamic State (IS) world as they know it coalition air strikes, forthwith, on all suspected IS enclaves, not just a single town or two cutting off so-called future supply routes. Destroy ALL potential supply routes and all IS members once and for all. And every known IS resource throughout all of Iraq and expanded territories.

The necessary clean up ground troops would be provided by specialty forces provided by France, Germany, England, Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and other anti-IS indigenous forces like the Kurds and Peshmerga, this time outfitted with better arms, and assisted by other trusted mercenary forces. This would be more than enough ground sweep up forces to do the job especially if a coalition armored battalion including tanks roared in with A-10 air to ground support for the allied ground forces.

Collateral damage should not be a significant issue anymore if you consider that the mass exodus of refugees should have included most, if not all, of those not intending to support the IS (covert Jihadists notwithstanding). So anybody else left in close association to IS fighters would mostly be in support of the enemy as well.

If eradication expansion is necessary deeper into Syria, and in view of the recent IS bombing of 225 Russians aboard an airliner, Russia should be only too glad to concentrate their own forces to take out the IS contingency there, if for nothing else but to save face among their own Russian citizens if not in the world court of righteousness.

The swift might of good over evil will send a shock and awe wake up call to all radical fundamentalist Muslims that evil can and will be beaten out of existence. This, in and of itself, would serve to psychologically emasculate the jumpin’ jihadist delusional recruiting frenzy throughout the world.

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What’s the purpose of joining a nut job hate group that will certainly be destroyed? Then make it a universally clearly understood idea that if any nation offers any form of sanctuary or succor to any IS factions, they will be also considered an international enemy, and financially sanctioned to economic death by all world enemies of IS if not the targeted recipient of surgical defensive strikes against their country as well.

And last but certainly not least, initiate a national and international forum in the “World Court” of social justice led by Muslim representatives here in the U.S. on why all Muslim authorities don’t immediately issue a reverse Fatwah’ on the IS Jihadist terrorists along with unqualified proactive assistance and retribution aid in any way they can to the countries that are defending liberty and justice against the IS terrorist armies.

Video first seen on Vox

If Not…

Otherwise, instead of the recent “American Freedom Act” giving the secretary of state carte blanche administrative authority to declare any individual as a criminal aider and abettor of terrorism at his sole analysis and subjective discretion being used in an indirect way to further their gun confiscation agenda.

Free American patriots should instead mandate the use of this administrative power against Muslims in America who refuse to seriously condemn and ostracize the Muslim terrorists within their ranks. Because better than any half assed patronage alphabet agency spending tax dollars on bullshit like there’s no tomorrow, Muslims know exactly who the terrorist sympathizers and supporters are. They attend the same mosques together.

Remember, there are also laws in this country about failing to report a serious crime plot that you know is happening. The obvious lack of outrage and direct condemnation and demands for accountability of the radical terrorist IS throughout the general population of Muslims speaks for itself.

It amounts to nothing less than tacit collusion with IS terrorists. And they must be held accountable along with anyone else who fails to support America in defense of the terrorist jihadist war declared upon us.

Otherwise, citizenship revocation hearings should take place as part of the vetting process and deportation processes implemented. We have laws against treason in America for everyone else. There should be no exceptions for Muslim theocrats just because they voted for Obama.

And if Muslims everywhere refuse to comply? Then, contrary to what the mendacious flip flopper Hillary said in the recent debate about most Muslims not being affiliated or supporting IS in their hearts and minds, will be proven to be another lie.

Lack of proactive unified Islamic cooperation, especially in the U.S., is a self-admission without doubt or concession, that most Muslims are enemies of Western liberty and Justice, and secretly support the IS even though they ‘taquiyya’ the world by sometimes paying propagandist lip service with the obligatory, but unenthusiastic, verbal only condemnation of such atrocious acts of terrorism.

All of this this could all be accomplished easily in a matter of a few short weeks. Instead of just cutting off one of the heads of the Hydra Beast, it would kill it and bury it deep in the sand dunes of Middle East deserts.

The logistics are already in place, the world wide willfulness is there…the time to act is now! However, the soon to be expected question might be why the world should still not hold their breath that this would be accomplished under the current American regime’s leadership?

So there is, most of you got the point before the last paragraph. The fastest way to End this psycho religionist scourge of the Earth is to make sure Hillary does not get elected so there will never be a third Obamination regime. The future consequences of NOT doing that are unthinkable.

This article has been written by Mahatma Muhjesbude for Survivopedia.








Photo source: Screen shot from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3bIvqS7gnQo

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