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Nowadays, there are many different ways of traveling. There are the common flights by air, or if you’re on a budget, or the distance isn’t too far, one can opt for a bus or a car ride. For this article however, we’ll be focusing on another mode of travel, namely backpacking. As the name says, backpacking is traveling with a backpack while walking over long distances.

The good points of this is that you can definitely save money, you can take more time to just enjoy the nature of that particular country, there’s no rush whatsoever, and you get a good workout at the same time. When sleeping, one can either bring a tent, or opt to sleep at a budget hotel (If applicable). We’ll cover just a few points of how to in backpacking and hopefully this will give you a good idea of what it’s like.

Firstly, when packing your bag, don’t pack too much, and yet, don’t pack too little. Since you will be walking long distances it’s best to keep it lighter, or else you will get tired easily. There is a method of backpacking called “ultra light backpacking”, and although I won’t go into detail here, it essentially means to reduce all unnecessary weight in the pack in order to cover more distances.

Secondly, it’s always advisable to know your map and surrounding areas before you begin on the trip/ hike. Get a recent map from a good bookstore and check out Google maps as well for the most accuracy. Last thing you want to do is get lost, especially if you’re hiking in the wilderness.

Lastly, there’s a popular rule that backpackers have, and is an important “how to” in backpacking. “Leave no trace behind”, means that everywhere you go while backpacking, always try and leave the natural environment as it was so that others after you can enjoy it to the fullest as well.

In conclusion, backpacking is actually an enjoyable and relaxing activity. It’s a good way to break off from the hustle and bustle of the rat race, and just relax and enjoy nature as it should be enjoyed. I hoped this article on the “how to” of backpacking has given you an insight, albeit being quite small into the world of backpacking and that in a way it will motivate you to go on your own backpacking trip!


Source by Misako Ayuni

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