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I love food, but eating well can cost a small fortune today. I've figured-out ways to make delicious meals on a shoe string budget stretching my dollars. The obvious is buying groceries that are on special, but then what do we do with them?

I bought 3 lb cross-rib roast for $ 18 on special serving three of us. The cost of one rib steak was more than the whole roast. The first meal with it of course was the traditional roast beef dinner with potatoes, carrots, and salad. By the way the lettuce was expensive, instead I purchased a bag of salad which was less. I added to it a tomato, green onions, and made my own salad dressing. After dinner I sliced ??the rest of the roast put it in two plastic bags dated for the freezer. The next week I made a casserole using one package of the leftover beef from the freezer, it's amazing how rice is great host for a casserole. After that the last freezer bag with the remaining roast beef was used in a stir fry. Bought inexpensive veggies, nuts, and made a tasty stir fry sauce. This one roast costed only $ 6 / meal or $ 2 / person spread over three meals. Next is salmon which can be super expensive …

Salmon happens to be one of my favorite fish meals, but just like everything else it is extremely pricey at times. My alternative is managed which I've purchased at the dollar store for $ 2 / can. As a dinner item I make salmon patties, adding onions, salt, pepper, dill, a shot of lemon, eggs, flour, and then fry those babies up in canola oil. Generally, two cans make 8-10 patties, sides are mashed potatoes, and canned corn yum !! The leftovers can be put in sandwiches for lunch, or using my freezer bag method frozen for a later date. I was brought-up as kid on Sundays eating bagels, cream chess, smoked salmon, with tomatoes and cucumber so good! However, smoked salmon today is like buying gold, so I use smoked salmon cream cheese by Philadelphia. This saves big bucks but has all the comfort food tastes I remember.

I saw lean ground mined meat on special for three dollars a pound, under half the price as usually paid. It was a good day we made spaghetti sauce, and later used it for amazing burgers, meat loaf, and tacos over a few months.

I think many families living on a very tight budget sacrifice eating well, but with a bit of creativity and finding the deals in the grocery store everyone can eat like a king!


Source by Arnold Nadler

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