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How To Gut And Clean Your Fish - |

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If there’s one thing I always had some trouble with, that’s gutting and cleaning a fish. Of all the skills I managed to master, this seems somehow the most elusive, probably because I’m not the biggest fan of cooking fish. I don’t mind catching and eating it, but what’s in between is what’s been giving me headaches.

That’s why I’m always looking for tips and tricks for making my job easier whenever hubby comes home triumphant from his fishing adventures (or the supermarket). This is how I’ve stumbled upon this very cool infographic that I think you’ll appreciate as much as I did.

Let me know how you deal with this in the comments section below: do you have a hands on approach or do you let your significant other do the dirty job?

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This article has been written by Brenda E. Walsh for Survivopedia.

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