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I recently had a crappy day (you heard me; not happy but crappy)…It was hell…I heard the worst possible news when I expected it least…It was the very first thing in morning to ruin my whole day… I felt like I was hit with by sledgehammer…I was devastated and upset…

I have been studying how-to-focus-your-mind-to-positive -techniques for over 13 years and I can usually instantly re-focus but this was different.

I won’t go to details but after these news nothing was working. When my writing usually flows all the time, I couldn’t write but few sentences and I couldn’t refocus my thoughts. I tried but I just couldn´t get this “disaster” off my head!

I got attached on the problem and I was sliding downhill with lightspeed!

What did I do to get back to the track?

1. I took 100% responsibility of everything! EVERYTHING, period

You don’t have to like it (well I certainly didn’t) but you have to admit that somehow some part of you attracted the results you are getting. Either my conscious or unconscious thoughts attracted me this! I didn’t blame anyone else and I didn’t blame myself! (If you blame yourself you can’t let it go!) I only needed to accept it!

Accept what you got without guilt!

2. Let it go. Let it pass away. Get detached!

I remembered ancient Sufi story that helped me to overcome my crappy day and this is shortened version of it:

“There once was a king who was making himself a beautiful ring. He wanted to put a message in his ring that would help him if, for some reason, everything else would fail. So he gathered all his wise men and they started thinking and looking from books. but they didn’t find such message that would solve his problem.

King’s most trusted servant told he knows a secret of life: “I once was servant for a mystic and he was so pleased with me he wanted to share a secret of life with me. It will help you in your time of ultimate despair”. The servant wrote the secret on the piece of paper and gave it to the king. King didn’t dare to read the message; He folded the paper and put it in to the ring. He wanted to save it in case everything else would fail.

And that time came soon.

Enemy attacked and he lost his kingdom. He had to flee. He was alone and enemy was behind him. And it got worse.

He came to a cliff, a dead end, and there was no escape. Enemy was approaching…It all would end soon…

Suddenly he remembered his ring and he opened it, took out the paper, unfolded and read it:

“This too will pass”

He found peace when he realized the secret: Whatever it may be, it will pass! I have lost it all but it too will pass!

Everything will pass. And it passed! Somehow enemy didn’t find him.

King gathered his armies again and conquered back his kingdom. He got very proud of his success. His loyal servant noticed this and said him: “look at the message again”.

King said to his servant:” But I’m having success now, not failure!”

And servant responded:” But it’s the same secret in success and failure”

And king opened his message: “This too will pass”. He realized everything will pass away and only he will remain to witness.”

That’s how I got back from flames of hell and now everything is working again. I see the whole picture and I realize why it had to happen. (And I still don’t need to like what happened, I just accept it.) I go with full speed and even more inspired!

This is how you can handle any situation where you have little or no power over your thoughts! Use this to handle your major disasters and failures. Use this when anything else fails!

Always remember:

“This too will pass”


Source by Lauri Niskasaari

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