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Making bread is a skill that you may choose to incorporate into your daily life, or you may just save it for a rainy day. In last month’s newsletter we sent an article all about wheat, wheat grinders, and included a whole bunch of recipes. Wheat is the most popular item in food storage plans because of it’s long shelf-life and nutrient dense properties. One of the recipes we included in the handout was our FAVORITE bread recipe.  Today we wanted to give you three things:

  • A recipe card of our bread recipe you can print
  • A handout that includes an FAQ about making this bread
  • A video where we invite you into our kitchen and show you hands on how to make it

We know making bread can be intimidating for beginners so join us today to learn a skill that could very well help you and your family for years to come. In case you missed the handout from last newsletter: 
Click here to download the “What to do with wheat” free handout.

Recipe card:

Click here or on the image below to get your recipe card pdf. This is a 4 x 6 standard size card. You can print it directly on card stock and cut it out or print it on regular paper and glue it onto a sturdier paper if you want.

Bread FAQ handout: 

Click here or on the image below to download the Bread-Making FAQ. These questions have been asked to us over the years and this handout has all the answers. 



Come into our kitchen and see how it’s done:

When you’re learning a new skill it’s fun to learn it with a friend. Since we can’t formally invite you over to teach you how to make bread this video is the next best thing. This is how we teach friends to make bread all the time. Hope you enjoy!

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