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Bank of the Philippines Islands (BPI) is one of the leading banks in the Philippines. Personally, I like BPI because of its superb online banking and good customer service. I also use BPI express online banking for bills payment and transferring funds to my CitisecOnline stock trading account. You can open a savings account in BPI, BPI Family Savings Bank or BPI Direct.

In order to open a BPI savings account, you need to do the following and bring the needed requirements.

1.) Visit the BPI branch of your choice and bring the following requirements for opening a savings account.

  • Two (2) valid and recent IDs with your name and picture
  • Two (2) Photocopies of your ID
  • IDs acceptable for opening a savings account can be: Passport, Driver license, Professional Regulations Commission ID, National Bureau of Investigation clearance, Police clearance, Postal ID, Voter ID, Government Service and Insurance System e-Card, Social Security System card, Philhealth card, Senior Citizen Card, Overseas Workers Welfare Administration ID and Alien Registration Card if you are foreigner
  • Billing Statement and 2 photocopies in order to verify your address. Billing statement can be Electric bill, Telephone bill, Water bill, Credit Card bill, Cellphone bill etc.
  • TWO (2) copies 1×1 latest ID picture

2.) Remember to bring the requirements before going to the bank. Upon entering the bank, proceed to New Account Desk. Tell the bank officer you want to open a bank account and then fill-up all forms that will be given to you.

3.) Give the initial deposit for your savings account which normally range from P500 to P10,000 depending on the type of account you are applying for.

4.) Claim your ATM card or passbook after 3-5 banking days by visiting directly to the branch where you opened the account.


Source by Gil Tenorio

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