Prepare and defend against a disaster


Various types of storms plague the world practically year-round, forcing millions to flee their homes and towns. Some people get lucky and only have minimal damage to their homes after the storm is done, but many are not so lucky and have to spend enormous amounts of money trying to fix what nature has broken. Custom modular homes and modular home companies are in the process of making homes that are more weatherproof in order to help the general public fight against mother nature but until those developments are created, each household is responsible for their pre-storm planning.

People need to realize when a storm is coming and rather than ignoring it, they need to act and acting generally means making their house more weatherproof and less likely to blow away as the storm rages through. Before a storm has even begun, people should be taking care of their houses, making sure the foundations are secure and that there are no loose panels around the outside. Likewise, make sure the locks on the doors work well and that there are no leaks in the roof in case a thunderstorm comes through and floods the inside of your house.

Once you house is fixed, people can focus on what they need during a storm, especially if the storm lasts for more than a few days. It is not a bad idea to have a storm room, a room dedicated to things you might need during a storm, somewhere in your basement or garage. Generally these rooms contain food that will not spoil and supplies such as flashlights in case the power goes out and sleeping bags and blankets in case you have to spend the night in the basement. Another good thing to have with you is a cell phone in case you need to get in touch with local authorities or with various family members while you are stranded at home.

Another good idea is to hold practice drills in your house with your family during storm seasons. That way, your family will know where to go and what is expected of them if and when a storm comes towards your house. This eases a lot of worries within the family and makes actual storms go over a lot smoother because people know exactly where they need to be at any given moment during the storm. Having a drill with your entire family can also help if family members are elsewhere, as they can execute your plan at friends houses and therefore spread the knowledge to other people that they care about.

In the end, when a storm blows through, most everyone is affected in some way or another but by being prepared, you can lessen the chances of something terrible happening to your home or your family. Continue to practice your storm strategy and checking your house to make sure it is storm proof and you are sure to be okay sure any storm that mother nature throws at you.


Source by Connor R Sullivan

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