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Data is considered in the modern digital world as the primary asset of an individual or organization. Information about your work, study, entertainment, hobbies and official activities are captured in different forms to be stored as data. Once this data goes missing or you accidentally delete it, a serious problem arises and you look for ways and means of recovering it. This article will help you in this regard and help you understand the ways by which you can retrieve the data lost. You can solve the issue either by yourself or through an expert computer support service provider.

There are several reasons due to which you can lose your data. However, the common reasons of data loss are human errors, power failure, viruses, spyware, computer freezing and many others.

You may require to recover data in the following circumstances:

• Data is mistakenly deleted
• File gets corrupt and is deleted by Scandisk
• File is deleted by another program
• File is password protected

Before taking recourse to data recovery means, you first need to ensure that whether the data has been actually deleted or not. It happens in some cases that the files are moved to other locations and you get the impression that those are deleted. Therefore, you are recommended to first search the files in your hard drive and then plan about recovery of data lost from your laptop.

Following are the most common ways of data recovery in case you find it missing from your computer or laptop.

Data recovery from the backup

You can recover the lost data if it is backed up by DVDs or any other storage medium. Files can be restored by using that back up without any hassle.

Restoration of data from the Recycle Bin

If you have Apple MacOS, Microsoft Windows 95, NT, 98, 2000, ME, XP, Vista, Windows or later operating system or the data has been recently deleted then most likely you would be able to recover it from the Recycle Bin or Trash folders of your system. Recovering data from Recycle Bin is easy and you can do it yourself. But if you fail to get your data back from the Recycle Bin or Trash, then you may require an expert computer support service provider to help you solve this problem.

Downloading or purchasing of a data recovery software

Data recovery software is the most dependable way of getting your lost data from the laptop or PC. Such software also help you in recovering images and deleted files. These programs are designed to retrieve your data with least hassles. However, you need to exercise caution while choosing a data recovery program and make sure that it gets back all your lost files. Once you finalize a program for data recovery you need to scan your drive to recover the lost files. You have to start the scan after selecting the particular program or folder in your hard drive that contained the file. After performing some self-explanatory processes you can see the list of recovered files. Now you just need to right click on the files and save it at the desired location on your system.

Calling a computer support service provider that specializes in recovering the lost data

Sometimes the above mentioned sources and ways do not work and fail to get your data back – in such cases your final recourse is an expert computer support service provider with specialization in data recovery. Companies offering such services have specialized technicians and tools that recover the lost data by taking the minimum time. These companies involved in expert computer support also help you access your data if you have forgotten the password.

An experienced computer support service provider with proven track record is recommended for lost data recovery as they provide the most speedy and economical solutions. This service is enabled via a remote internet connection you are not required to let anybody come to your office or home to get this resolved.


Source by Christina A Norman

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