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Fujifilm FinePix AX250 belongs to the company’s A-series which has made point-and-shoot digital photography affordable, easy and convenient. The AX250 is based around a 14.0 megapixel sensor, Fujinon-branded 5X optical zoom lens and 2.7 inch LCD monitor. The AX250 allows you to capture everyday moments in the form of beautiful and crisp pictures. The user-friendly camera stores data in Secure Digital (SD) cards including the SDHC cards. If these cards give you the advantage of clicking countless moments, they have some limitations as well. The pictures clicked from your AX250 can become inaccessible if these cards develop a technical glitch. But, most of the glitches can be resolved by formatting the card in your AX250 camera. However, to retrieve images and videos you must use an appropriate backup. In case the backup is not available, AX250 data can still be recovered using a camera recovery software.

Sample this: You have returned from a marvelous family trip. When you try and load the memory card in your AX250 camera to view the pictures from the trip, you may come across the following error:

“Card not initialized”

The eruption of the sudden error can be a bolt from blue as you won’t be able to view and share pictures and videos stored on the SD card of your AX250 camera. Soon after the error, the memory card becomes non-operational and you can’t even click or store new data on to it.


The above error, which renders your data inaccessible, can erupt in the following cases:

1.The internal memory is not formatted

2.The memory card contacts require cleaning

Any of the above causes can be taken into account for the abrupt occurrence of the error.


Follow the below listed workarounds in order to make the card reusable and functional:

1.Format the internal memory of the camera

2.Clean the contacts with a soft, dry cloth. If the message is repeated, format the memory card

Since formatting erases the data stored on the memory card of your AX250 camera, you should instantly go for a backup in order to restore lost images and videos. As mentioned earlier, in the absence of a valid backup, AX250 users can still retrieve their lost data using a third-party camera recovery software. These utilities work wonders and extract data in the original form.

Source by Paul Harry

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