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In order for a relationship to survive, both individuals must work and grow together. If this doesn’t happen, in one way or another, it will lead you to a relationship breakup. It can be sudden, or it can happen over time, but it’s always painful. Often, it can leave you wondering whether you will survive it.

Surviving a relationship breakup involves a lot of work from you and those closest to you. Your first instinct might be to shut yourself off from friends and family, but now is the time you will need them most. Relying on others to help you through this time will pull you out of the roughest patch more quickly than trying to go it alone.

Misery is strongest when you’re lonely, so try to keep busy doing things that keep your mind off of your singleness. Maybe a weekend party isn’t the best event to go to three days after you breakup, but scheduling a nice dinner with a few friends is a great idea.

Enlist your friends to help you clean your ex out of your life. You don’t have to throw away every photo or memory, but it is best to put that stuff away where you won’t be going through it everyday. Fill your life with new memories with your friends instead.

While in a relationship, your family and friends may have been neglected, so take the time to reconnect with them. Do you have grandparents you haven’t visited enough? Do you have nieces and nephews that would love to spend time with you?

The worst thing you can do when newly single is to cut yourself off from the people who love you most. Let them help you get over your breakup. You can survive this relationship breakup if you have their help.


Source by Ali Carsen

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