How to Survive Waiting For Your Clothes-Shopping Wife

11 Oct

We have all found ourselves at one time or another waiting for our wives! Once they find a boutique or department store that has the type of clothes they like, they often forget that their husbands are alive. Since we don’t want to be seen inside the store and be forced to offer suggestions and opinion about this and that which can only get us into trouble, we choose to wait outside.

Now, we can only look around for a certain amount of time. Some of us can close our eyes for a quick nap, but most of us are bored out of our minds. There is hope for us, but only if we come prepared. Here are a few ideas to help the husbands survive waiting for our clothes-shopping wives!

1. Bring along a book. Books can fit inside your jacket pocket or inside your man-bag and are light-weight. Nothing makes the time pass quicker than being absorbed in a great crime novel!

2. Pack your MP3 player. Before you head out to the mall or wherever your wife is dragging you along, load up your music device with your favorite tunes. Sit outside the store and relax to the soothing rhythms!

3. Tote your laptop. Download some free games from your favorite free online games sites. Save some motorbike games or some car games to keep you revved up and entertained. Some shopping malls offer free wireless internet access. Play free online games while you wait!

These are just some of the ideas that you can use to prepare yourself next time you get commissioned for a day of shopping with your wife. Use your imagination and come up with your own clever methods. Remember that our wives love us very much, but not quite as much as they love shopping!

Source by Dedo Mraz

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