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This very question which I ask will by itself bring to mind images linked to military jeeps, aircraft or camouflaged netting. Usually the common man comprehends very little about the use of camouflage and how to create an effectively hidden location. For the longest time I seriously felt the objective in using the camouflage was to circumvent detection but today even with the use of camouflage to conceal yourself and your possessions you can and will be discovered. Never understimate the power of our military satellites and such simple things as Goggle-Earth.

This still does not underrate the value of some good camouflage to help your circumstances. Camouflage is the ability of blending yourself or your beloveds into the surrounding environment. Usually the military will use camouflage as a means of giving them the opportunity to hide and be unnoticed. Although you may actually think this is a simple process it is not, in fact it is actually a scientific progress. Our military has spent countless dollars and many man-hours perfecting the various schemes which they employ on their vehicles and related equipment.

When considering the use of camouflage you should first establish what surrounds you wish to blend into. It would be totally foolish to use a jungle camouflage under desert conditions; needless to say you would stand out like a sore thumb. You must prudently match your color scheme with the surroundings you wish to blend into. Keep in mind that the use of camouflage was never intended to make you appear invisible but purely to make you more difficult to see.

Let's discuss the concept of camouflage when used in conjunction with your bug out vehicle. First off your bug out vehicle should have no chrome showing that could flash or reflect light. Flat black is the ideal color to coat all chrome sections of your BOV. I would recommend that you construct four or more poles around your vehicle and lay the camouflaged net over the poles. It never hurts to put a few natural branches or leaves on and around the net to help it blend in naturally to the environment. Make use of your natural surroundings by using the local rocks, trees, and brush to afford you an added benefit of concealment.

Camouflage although not entirely the solution to being imagined it can assist in hiding your BOV but must be used with discretion. Use all the tricks that you can to blend into your surroundings.

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