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No matter how long you've been writing, whether it's creative writing for your own enjoyment, or if you are a seasoned, professional author with published books on the shelves, one day you're bound to be stuck for ideas to write about.

Keeping a private journal can help see you through these times, when you're staring at a blank computer screen, or empty sheet of paper sticking out of a typewriter.

There are so many ideas in the world to write freestyle about, it's possible you'll get so caught up in your journal topics, you'll forget the reason why you sat down at the computer in the first place. Journal writing topics abound, and it's a good idea to keep a stash of them somewhere in your computer, or in a spiral notebook to look upon when you've got writer's block.

Introspective Journal Writing Topics

It's important to write about how you feel about things. This keeps you in touch with your inner emotions, thoughts, convictions and ideas.

Complete the following thoughts:

– I show family and friends I love them by ____
– If I watched a crime being committed, I would _______
– I'm glad my parents taught me __________
– In all the world, who would I most want to be stuck on a deserted island with? And Why?
– What inspires me?

Journal Writing Topics inspired by Natural Surroundings

A writer should always be aware of his or her environment. In writing, clarity is in the details, and if you can write clearly, succinctly, you will convey your thoughts efficiently to your audience.

– Describe the light entering the room you are in
– Close your eyes, absorb all the sounds you can hear, then write about them
– If you had to choose, what vegetable would you be?
– What do you think people's signatures say about themselves?
– How do you feel about seasons changing?

Journal Writing Topics based on Dreams

Dreaming has always been a creative source of material for writers. Sometimes dreams show us answers to problems, sometimes dreams make no sense whatever, and sometimes dream make us happy, or chill us to the bone. Writing about your dreams will help you understand them.

– Describe the last dream you remember having
– Would you want anyone to have a dream about you? Who? Why? And what about?
– Describe your favorite dream as a child
– Write about your ideal dream
– Write about how a dream affected your life the next day

Abstract Topics

– Write about the idea of ??nothingness
– My perfect mate would look and act _____
– Write about your true beliefs of a higher power
– Write about what a soul looks, feels, smells like … can it reflect light?
– Write about the sky at night and what you see there

There are dozens of journal topics that you can come up with on your own, as well. Virtually any question that can be asked, can be turned into a journal topic. The point is, getting words down on the page, ending the writer's block, and feeling confident in your writing again.


Source by Wendy Pan

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