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Do you want to make your children’s birthday party extra special? You have probably tried everything, from the mascots, themed-parties, costume parties, you even got your husband to wear a costume for your child, now what else is next? Well, I am sure your child would go berserk once he sees a jumping castle in your backyard. It is every child’s dream. You know the look on his face when he sees them in the huge malls right? Then you know that this is definitely what he would love in his party.

If you are unfamiliar to jump castles, they are those bouncy castles that are made up of same material as your beach ball. Because of air being pumped into it, it makes it bouncy and children would just have the time of their lives jumping up and down into it. Usually they are seen in children’s events or trade shows to attract children. You have a choice of either purchasing them yourself or renting them out.

In choosing the right castle, you have to consider first the size of your garden or front port. Would you like to keep them at the center of the party, so you could have smaller chairs around or are you fine if it occupies the entire lot? It would also depend the number of guests you have. Do not be surprised if adults would like to try to jump in as well, although you should remind them, it’s THEIR children’s party. Aside from that you could find a castle that matches your birthday theme’s color scheme or perhaps your child’s favorite color.

Aside from its aesthetic value, you also have to consider your child’s safety. If he jumps in and out of the castle, would the kids be able to do so without getting themselves hurt? There should be some safety measures installed to ensure this. Also, if this castle is to be rented make sure that it is thoroughly clean and germ-free.

Do not forget that these castles are supposed to be plugged in and may require some generator. I think this might where you should consider just renting a jumping castle since they provide all these extra equipment. Also you should make sure that part of your agreement includes installation and deflating the castle. There should be also an agreed fees for different situations like canceling them or replacing them with new ones, if the state of the castle is not safe enough for you.

You also have to consider getting someone from their side to look after your kids while having fun on the jumping castles. They know better if something seems not right or if it is working properly. A few extra costs per hour is nothing if it will ensure your child’s safety.


Source by Sarah Greenwich

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