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When it comes to label printing, many companies do not offer the option of variable label printing without charging a lot of extra money. However, a few companies are able to print an entire set of variable labels in one pass, without having to re-do each set, prep for the runs, or charge you a lot of money for the variations. Unlike a traditional printing press, the digital process and state-of-the-art equipment allow you to create as much or as little variation as you need, and can even manage to print every label differently without stopping or slowing down the process.

Label printing is now made easier than ever and more customizable than you might have thought possible. Instead of having to make 20,000 different labels for only a handful of products to take full advantage of the traditional printing process, digital printing makes label customization easier than ever. You can easily run 400 labels with a certain message, and then do another 200 or so with a different message for a much lower cost. Then, you do not have to worry about what you're going to do with thousands of labels that you do not need, and probably will not need for quite some time, if ever.

Label printing through the digital process makes printing variations more accessible. In turn, this makes customization very easy. You can print whatever you want on one set of labels for a specific store or location, and then completely change the labels for a different location if you see it necessary. Anyone who does private labels for other companies can benefit greatly from this process because they can change whatever they need to whenever they want. For example, scenic backgrounds can be changed based on the region that the products are shipping to, and special offers can be added or removed for certain locations. The variations are infinite.

Label printing variations are done through a simple process that starts with one basic design. From that basic design, the areas that are being altered will be marked, and a database will fill in the necessary information. Then, the labels are printed with the right information or graphics every single time, giving you seemingly endless options for customization with your label printing.


Source by Julia Steadwater

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