Prepare and defend against a disaster


It is imperative for a human to prepare himself for the worst. You never know, when something bad is going to happen and to such an extent that it will knock your normal everyday life upside down. It is important that you prepare for times like these so that you and your loved ones do not have to go through much turmoil and restlessness.

Some basic skills that are mandatory for every emergency and not just for a disaster situation should be known and possessed by every sane human. These come in handy and save you from a plethora of problems.

While it is important that you have sound knowledge of the coming catastrophe and the will to face it and act smartly, it is important that you keep a check on your survival essentials beforehand.

Here are 5 basic survival skills to help you learn how to be a survivalist.

1. Know how to grow edibles

We eat to live; having three meals a day is important to keep us energized and going. Whenever you are faced with a calamity, you may not find food and you really do not know how long it will take to get your life back together. Instead of starving, you must know how you will get food and where. So it is suggested that you know how to grow your own edibles that will suffice for you and your family.

2. First Aid

During a disaster, it is inevitable that you and everyone around you will sustain injuries; therefore, you should keep a first aid kit with you and have a proper knowledge of putting it to good use.

3. Keeping, finding or making water

Water is as essential for you as oxygen, but in times of distress, it is difficult to have enough water that will quench your thirst as well as take off your other needs. It is next to impossible to store water for longer periods. You can however, find a water source or make your own. How? During the process where you learn how to be a survivalist, making your own water means that you have the skill to clean the contaminated water and use it for all your needs.

4. Self Defense

You should have the ability to defend yourself when you face an attack from anyone who tries to rob off your essentials or any wild animals for that matter. Keep arms with you to save you from any unforeseen event. Self-defense is the ability to fight for yourself and disarm or weaken anyone who tries to attack you. Even if do not have any weapons for self-defense do not fret or feel weak. At least learn few basic martial arts skills, swimming strokes and driving; these can be of unimaginable aid at any step during an emergency situation.

5. Keep yourself warm

Having all the things that are necessary to keep you and your loved ones away from cold should be on your priority list. Whether you have to stay indoors or out in the open, you should have the means to cover yourself up and save from harsh weather conditions take a toll on you


Humans should possess the skills that help them in every situation so that they do not have to bear the brunt of harsh conditions at any time. Learn how to be a survivalist and do not let any unforeseen situation affect you drastically.


Source by Buck Jones

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