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Women like anticipation, especially on bed. Foreplay is all about creating anticipation. Here are four activities that every guy should know. Use these and any variations that you invent and she will never know what amazing thing you will do next.

1. Massage her. Massaging will help her to relax before having sex with you. By massaging areas like her feet, shoulders, back will definitely spice up the atmosphere. You do not have to be a professional masseuse to rub her back with good massage oil. Do not use baby oil as it will be too oily and do not use a lotion as it will absorb into her skin and will not stay slippery long enough. Light a candle and warm up the oil by rubbing it between your hands. Do not try to perform a deep muscle massage.

2. Cares her from the back. Hug her from behind and do some sweet talk into her ears. Women like guys who are playful and creative. Do not rush to have sex, which will be a great turn-off to most women. While you are holding her, you can start to kiss her slowly from her neck down.

3. Undress her slowly. A lot of couples get into the rut of getting undressed and jumping into bed to start their romantic interviews. It does not matter if you have been married a day or 30 years; this time stop and kiss her while you are both standing up. Start undressing her while maintaining the kiss. It will bring back memories of dating and will be fun.

4. While both of you are on bed, take things slowly and enjoy yourselves. Treat her like you are having sex with her for the first time. Sex is meant to be enjoyed, not to be rushed through. Tickle her, and kiss her all over. Be creative and both of you will definitely enjoy a fantastic night together.

Foreplay is a very important process before sex. A good foreplay can lead to a good sex, while a sex without foreplay is just plain and boring sex.


Source by Crid Lee

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