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Most of the top successful websites have one thing in common-they have a system of lead capture for prospects visiting their website. This is important for a number of reasons;

  • You can build a list of customers
  • You can test and track your list building campaigns for your website

The primary aim of lead capture is to build your list of customers

The most common way to do lead capture is to create a landing page or squeeze page. You can also create opt in boxes on every page on your website.

I am going to show you how you can enhance your lead capture…I am talking about making a free offer…

When you creating a free special bonus, for prospects in your niche you visit improve the stick ability of your site.

You are better off in your business if you offer a free special bonus and assign a value to it.

There are many ways to offer free gifts. A lot depends on how you design your offer and your objective of creating a free report.

We are going to talk about some elements of what will make your free report enticing and irresistible.

Make Use of Your Home Page

The most important part of your website you need to have your offer is…your home page. Your home page should talk about your free offer.

Your key to success here is to stress the benefit of your offer to your prospects. You should also have an opt-in box with a call to action on your home page and every other page on your website.

The first paragraph of your home page should talk about the call to action and then you write a copy in the body to encourage them to get your gift.

The money is in the Follow up

The second element of making your free report work is to create a follow-up message system.

Why is this important? Your primary objective is to build a list and the best way to develop a relationship with your customers is to follow them up.

Studies have shown that majority of first sales are made after the seventh follow up. Most marketers only make one follow up call to their prospect.

The good news is you can send follow up messages to your opt in list as frequently as possible-and make your first sale….you can achieve this with the help of third party auto responder companies.

In conclusion, your free report would enhance your opt-in rates on your website and this is a powerful tool to increase your list-building strategy.


Source by Akinniyi Osho

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