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Profits, the end result of successful NASDAQ futures trading is the goal of all emini traders. The tactics you apply as a new trader can mean the difference between success and failure. By focusing on key elements of a system designed to yield higher winning percentages, we can greatly enhance profit margins.

NQ emini contracts are one of the most popular index futures among traders. Utilizing various trading methods, emini traders generally choose one method that fits their personality and risk tolerance. However, they all have one common characteristic which is the common denominator for success – discipline. No trading methods will be profitable without discipline.

Discipline is one tactic required to be successful and obedience to your trading system is another. Most new participants in the futures market fail for one of two reasons. They either don’t have a trading plan in place or they fail to follow the rules of their trading system, leading to disaster.

Any experienced trader knows the importance of rules within his trading platform, never forsaking them. He knows full well, once he does, his trading results will plummet. Whether using a day trading methodology or lightning fast scalp trading methods, successful traders exercise these very important traits, discipline and sticking to their trading system rules.

Different trading systems can yield similar results and it really doesn’t matter what approach you use with futures trading. Moving averages and crossovers work as well as pivot points and are proven tactics. Nevertheless, these approaches to the futures market is destined to failure without trading system rules and the discipline to follow the rules of the system.

NASDAQ futures trading can be an exciting and profitable vocation provided the trader is committed to employing the tactics necessary to be successful.


Source by Doug Fisher

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