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Getting your new home inspected is one of the most important things you'll do. After selecting your new home and before finalizing the purchase, it is necessary to get a good home inspection to ensure there are no hidden problems with the property. Sometimes there can be problems with the experience level of the inspector, and other times the problems come from the realtors who are trying to hide defects with the property. To find a good inspector that will service your needs, there are several things that you should know and some areas that you'll need to look into. Remember, if you're looking at that special place in New York, you'll want everything to be as perfect as possible without any surprises.

The first question you should look into is the licensing of the inspector. Some states require that these professionals be licensed while others do not. In the states that do require licensing, it is a good idea for the consumer to write down the license number of the prospective inspector. This series of numbers will help you to determine if the person is a licensed inspector or an apprentice. You'll also need to consider their insurance capabilities. Make sure to ask to see any proof of their insurance in states where such is required. Keep in mind that some states require this type insurance while others do not but it is a good idea to ask for proof of insurance in those that require it.

The type of training your inspector has received can become another issue. Regulation of the home inspection industry is a recent development, and many of the older inspectors will not have a license but rather experience in one of the trades like carpentry. Consumers should never be afraid to ask for credentials. A recent study conducted stated that while 80% of the respondents said they were home inspectors only 40% had done 100 homes in the last year. It goes without saying that home inspectors like all other trades and professionals need to constantly upgrade their educations, and not all those claiming to be certified and licensed are capable of doing the job well.

Your New York home is probably the largest investment that you will ever make. It makes sense that you would want only the most qualified people working on or around it, and that the person that you've asked to look for the problems before the final purchase is the one that you would expect the most from. You can count on your home inspector to do a great job that will ensure you'll be happy with a new home for years to come.

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