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 In today’s highly interconnected world which revolves around our interactions, communications and transactions over the internet, safety and security of data has become an imperative and hence the need and demand for online file backup services. With online data backup services offering remote backups and ease of access to the data stored, this is a perfect solution to the problems like physical and online data security, which are faced by both home and business users alike.With various service providers in the market offering exciting deals and innovative features, the time is ripe to make a move and secure your data before it’s too late.

Need for Backup

The need for online data backup arises from the fact that the traditional methods of data storage are not the most reliable. There are a lot of external factors to be taken into account. Home users mostly store their photos, tax and financial information and collection of their movies and songs on their storage devices like hard disks, CD’s or other external storage devices. Their need for data is personal, emotional and financial.

While for business users, need for data backup is purely financial and involves high amount of sensitive information which leads to high degree of risks. Business users mostly store their financial and tax information, client information etc. on their onsite storage devices.

Factors which can lead both home and business users explore safer options are the possibility of theft, accidents like fire, flood, power surge, corruption of files and other similar hazards.

Key features

There are a lot of different features that makes these services extremely attractive. All the major online file backup services are extremely secure and offer features like SSL/TSL encryption, password protection, folder permissions and 24/7 file encryption at the server end.

Other features like sharing of files and folders and custom links, gives an added advantage to the consumer. Restoring deleted files and storing multiple file versions are some of the handy features which are offered by the best online file backup services. The drag and drop feature of data backup is very handy and makes it very easy for the user to share files

The most important aspect of the online data back services is the backup itself. The beauty of this feature lies in the fact that the backup is done automatically as per scheduled beforehand and is incremental in nature i.e. whenever there are changes made to the files in the backed up folders, an automatic backing up is initiated.

Advantages of backup services

The benefits derived from the advantages offered by various secure online file backup services far exceed the value of money spent on them. In this information age, protection of data has become a priority for everyone.

Automatic backup provided by various providers may be ubiquitous but is a highly essential function when it comes to backing up the data. Prescheduled backups give an option to the users wherein data backup is done without any supervision and takes out the mechanical element involved. Moreover these backups are incremental and subsequent revision to data is done automatically.

Accidentally deleted files could also be restored when using online backup services and gives a cushion to the user and thus ensuring an error free environment. Online storage also reduces or eliminates the physical aspect of data storing by storing all the data of the client at off-site locations which are more secure.

Mobility and security

We cannot be near our computer all the time and hence there is the need for mobile access to your online data. Most of the online file backup services provide various features to accommodate the users while away from the main computer. By using mobile apps one can access the saved files from any place as long as internet connection is available. Mobile syncing of files is also allowed where you can sync, update or change a file. The desktop apps allow users to access files from any computer and it support multiple computers and various file types.

The security aspect of storing files online is extremely important and to aid that, the providers use various security features while storing or transferring files. SSL/TSL encryption prevents other people to access your account or files. Even when the files are not being transferred, they remain encrypted and it is called at-rest encryption and uses an encryption method called advanced encryption standard, which encrypts data coming in and decrypts data going out.

Analyzing your needs

Before you opt for an online data storage option you have to make sure that you analyze all your needs. It is an important part of the process as it gives you an option to review your requirements. These requirements vary for both home and business users.

Most of the providers have different plans for home and business users. But depending on the following, a particular company or plan can be short listed

· Cost: While some might not consider spending a lot on data storage a big deal, but most people are cost conscious and look for a good deal. Among the best and most reliable data storage companies, the lowest plan starts from $5 per month to an upward of $100 per year. Some providers also provide 15 day free trials to try their product.

· Storage space: While free storage of 1-2 GB’s come with a few plans or providers, it’s always a better option to buy a plan because it promises more storage space and better customer support. Some also offer free cloud storage like Dropbox etc.

· Reliability: The quality of service is paramount to selecting a provider. No disruption in service and 24/7 support should be guaranteed.

· Value for money: This is again an important factor when deciding upon a provider. Your money should provide of the best possible value for it when considerations are given to factors like pricing, overall features, storage space and reputation of the provider.

Data backup never comes at a high price because when you will realize this only then you can begin to understand the true importance backing up your data.If you want your data to remain secure for a longer periods of time and want an added advantage of better security while storing and transferring the data you must opt for online file backup services.


Source by Sarab P Singh

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