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In these bleak days of social and political tribulation, this past Father’s Day and the coming 4th of July put me in somewhat of a sad contemplation. My own dad is long passed and while standing over his grave, his rank and WWII branch of service carved deep in his headstone branding itself in my heart and mind.

And in remembrance of our relationship, conceivably in a better past, I find myself also thinking about our nation’s own Founding Fathers as well. I wondered what they would think about the awful destruction of a Constitution and way of life they dedicated their lives, and the lives of far too many brave souls, to protect and preserve? And after a couple of beers thinking about it too hard I mercifully fell off to a deep sleep…


…and it turned out to be more of a nightmare. I dreamt I was lighting my LAST skyrocket with my last match, on the LAST 4th of July. And when I watched the last ‘Rocket’s Red Glare’…I woke up sharply, dripping in a cold sweat.

A short time ago I beseeched anybody and everybody in the clarion call of my social  purview to admonish their political representatives to not reinstate the Patriot Act which was due to disappear from law by sunset clause last month.  I’m grateful to all for their effort, despite their politician’s failure to do ‘We, The People’s’ bidding and instead, create a new ’replacement’ law, which amounts to no change at all. Virtually all these so-called ‘representatives’ got enough calls, emails, and ‘encouragement’ to definitely get the message. But they obviously didn’t pay attention to it. They blithely went about their business as usual, wheeling and dealing, slithering and scheming, whoring and pilfering like the political slugs that they are.

And after some weak obligatory justification by Reps, administrators, and heads of Alphabet agencies beholden to the Patriot Act Dole, they’re instated one of the most egregious hallmarks of tyranny ever perpetrated upon Americans. This outrageous tyranny vote was in light of the undeniable conclusion, verified by no less than two Congressional oversight hearings that NOT ONE serious terrorist act was prevented because of the billions spent on court ruled illegal NSA spying and all-encompassing domestic data collection and violation of our privacy and liberty rights!

Instead of immediately halting the NSA’s violation of our Constitution by massive unfettered, illegal intrusion into our privacy, legislators succumbed to the pressure from the Alphabet Agencies–and their director’s outright LIES that they act against our citizenry.

Committed by our government, were still absolutely ‘needed’ to catch terrorists are somehow massively assaulting our shores and cities posing the so-called greatest danger to our very existence…since Satan himself was cast down to Earth? Oh Yeah? WHAT Terrorists! Our so-called representatives took a cheap trick appeasement win-win (for themselves) and agreed to a compromise, which was in reality only a name change, but mocking us in the process with the oxymoron title of ’American Freedom’ act.

They even boasted about it this week on some so called right wing TV program that the NSA, et all, will now focus intently upon public social media, where supposedly the hard core revelations of ISIS planning and targets will jump out and present themselves when they see something ‘suspicious’ going on with anybody connected to ISIS on line. THEN, and only then will they proceed to invade further the computers and emails, phones, traveling itineraries, and private lives of everyone and anyone ’supposedly’ connected to ISIS. To include what you are doing online to the extent of everybody you are in contact with, you connect with, and who they connect with, everything you link to, purchase on line, and everything else they can spy on or find out about.

Wow? That’s pretty ambitious? My math skills are no match for calculating how much MORE that will cost the taxpayers. The alphabet agencies will need billions to hire new thought police recruits for spy training. And extreme excessive Police ‘Crime Prevention’ and SWAT raids will be rivaling the ’Road to Baghdad’ epic during the Gulf War?

By the way, in their almost rabid intensity to smack down social media, their search programs/algorithms will never ever accidentally pick up on people getting high to maybe garnish a few extra asset forfeiture seizure ‘perks’ along the privacy invasion way to kind of help out a little with the armored personnel vehicles maintenance and such. What would anything like that have to do with ‘anti-terrorism’ work? But hey, if you’ve got nothing to hide, you’ve got nothing to fear, right? But maybe your loved but slightly wild young niece has something that is relatively innocuous, but could definitely tempt the initiatory force of a jack booted SWAT team on her doorstep, just by checking YOUR emails.

The amazing part is that they still won’t catch anybody worthwhile or foil any major future terrorist attacks, just like they failed to do in the last eight years. Oh sure, they might pick up a few ISIS groupies in the form of nitwit silly-ass high school girls with puerile fantasies of hooking up with ‘freedom fighters’. Or a couple ‘lone wolf’ type neurotic psycho ninja wannabes here and there, whom the alert local police would have wound up eventually shooting anyway with a few 25 cent .40 caliber hollow points from their Glocks after the morons inevitably fatally succumbed to their suicide delusions somewhere in public as they were destined to do anyway.

Even though they ‘claim’ that the newly minted American Freedom Act curtails the NSA from illegal spying, under what still amounts to the old Patriot Act, ‘they’ can still get confidential warrants to spy on civilians. Or they circumvent the process with a little excessive and aggressive patrol observations using special equipment, which work to achieve the same illegal police state intrusions and violation results.

A lot of good, but terribly gullible citizens simply don’t understand how bad this can be abused even though there’s plenty of history examples. But this time, privacy and liberty atrocities can easily equal and surpass anything the secret police ever did. And please don’t insult our rational bearings by saying it can’t happen here’. What do you think all this IRS targeting, and creating ones own rule outside the system already is? Wait how bad it gets in the future as technology improves and they can single out and ‘capture’ anybody anytime instantly, for intense scrutiny, you know, like old J. Edgar did to keep his totalitarian dynasty going for half a century, but this time on steroids!

It’s too late to stop it anymore after you are shocked at how easily you will be made into a criminalized victim, even if you did nothing wrong. The current NSA civilian spying network and its secret police state DHS organization needlessly expands the law enforcement crime prevention parameters to a point that actually places innocent law abiding civilians in more danger collectively than the potential terrorists threats they remotely potentially offset. If you read John W. Whitehead’s acclaimed book ’A Government of Wolves‘ he’s got a new one out now surely poised to be a controversial best seller entitled ‘Battlefield America, The War on the American People’ which shockingly describes the intimate mechanisms of impending totalitarianism and how an illegal Police State is being formed right under our noses.

It’s not even a secret anymore. The result is that ‘police work’ that is going in this country today, and certainly will get worse. And police officers themselves are not the cause, but actually victims themselves, and being used like puppets in a macabre street play!  This book is right on the money and scary enough to keep you sleeping with the lights on and George Orwell grinding his teeth in his grave.

And so, as we speak, nothing has really changed and government and its anti-constitutional agencies are STILL receiving outrageous funding to do blanket unwarranted searches just to ‘SEE’ if they can find ‘anything’ the average Joe Six-pack and Jane Apple Juice, so that they can punish us to a slow death.

Heading to Financial Death

Just recently a story was published about the FBI using light High Wing (for better ground observation) Cessna single engine slower flying aircraft which most people don’t really notice when it flies over, as this is not an uncommon experience. We’ve all heard enough light planes flying overhead in our lives as to not really even look up anymore when we hear them. But they are using these aircraft to take special high definition telephoto pics/vids of citizens doing nothing wrong, and or the particulars of their private property from the air.

Source: Herald.net

They use the ‘justification’ that this is legal because it fits within the police parameters of ‘plain view’ observations not necessitating warrants. The supposedly legal justification in not obtaining warrants for these fishing expeditions amounts to a crime against the people, which ironically is paid for by citizens’ tax dollars. The legality is tested by the measurement that if an average citizen can see it, then the police can also observe and record arbitrarily in their official capacity, and without a warrant for their public safety interest.

But that’s the rub  the average person cannot easily see anything from the air. Far from it, in fact. You really do need an aircraft, and the average person doesn’t have an airplane, especially one specifically equipped for random spying. The average person is not of that resource ability. And you really can’t just look out the window of a small light aircraft, even with binoculars and see much in the way of detailed human behavior under normal flight rules, which include a minimum safe altitude of 1000 feet in urban areas which don’t allow for particular focused sight seeing of specific targets.

The 4th/A did not include high tech equipment in the definition because there wasn‘t any back then. It was eyeballs and sworn affidavits (check), as a requirement. The exclusion of high tech surveillance and intrusion does not mean it is acceptable in the reasonableness part of the explanation. This is simply going the ‘extra mile’ to thwart the 4th.

And most private pilots simply don’t waste time and expensive airplanes and fuel trying to see if anyone down on terra firma is doing something that breaks the law in their back yards. Besides being none of their business, it is highly intrusive, irritating, disruptive, and even potentially dangerous to be circling over private property looking for something, anything, and everything, even at over a thousand feet.

Plus, the FBI is using special camera equipment including night vision and FLIR capable of reading what ever you are reading while laying on your deck sipping a cool one (are you old enough to drink? are you sunbathing naked?). Actually, the government is attempting to re-define the 4th/A, with the use of this equipment, instead of abiding by the law.

Some very aggravated constitutional libertarians have suggested that since the alphabet agencies in charge of VIP security and intelligence are now barred from whoring and Casino trips and their agency credit cards for such perks were cancelled, that they have to have some other way to spend the tax dollars. So now it’s expensive private aircraft–we’re not talking a couple planes here and there, we’re dealing with an entire across the country fleet of FBI light aircraft and spying equipment.

To justify and reports are indicating that satiating their perverse propensity for voyeurism on the company dime is not necessarily excluded in their spying duties. Creepy peeping on naked swimmers or sun bathers in the privacy of their own property from the air is quite easily accomplished, when this can’t be observed by mere passers-by from the street.

However, while they now say they are not sweeping the country in blanket coverage over non specific targets for fishing expeditions, but they are focusing on specific criminals and terrorists they are already tracking from other probably cause, much like a police helicopter helps in car and suspect chases, but why do they need hundreds of light aircraft with these special high def infrared FLIR cameras in the air? Are criminals all so easy to catch that they can be spotted from the air? Are all these flights pursuant to court ordered warrants, or are they merely trolling over the placid pond of the general public from the air?

All while searching for something that is likely legal but may have the appearance– which is NEVER valid probable cause, or even reasonable suspicion for that matter– of looking like something illegal so they can then launch a SWAT raid and do the asset forfeiture horror show on law abiding people. Hope they don’t lose any full auto M-16’s like the ATF did while doing their pawn shop ‘sting’ in the Milwaukee area last year, further endangering civilians with their own feckless investigations.

It seems like the ACLU and other Liberty and Justice watchdog groups had a lot of time and effort for Gay Marriage issues recently, but I don’t see any action or even outrage against this latest liberty crushing debacle.

And by the way the government won’t release their surveillance routes and areas their air spying scrutiny, now, will they? What are they trying to hide? And certainly they would never ever include religions retreat camps with their militia shooting ranges, or anybody with a few targets set up on their land for shooting practice, right? Then why is this where they were mostly spotted? Nobody complained they were flying around hotbeds of Islamist infiltration like Dearborn Michigan and elsewhere where there are supposed to be known domestic Islamist summer camp.

Why should they, they are letting the hard core terrorist combatants go free from Gitmo and elsewhere, and letting them come across the borders at will so they don’t care about that. Plus they can’t intimidate terrorists politically and can’t get much from their assets like they can from regular folks. But they sure don’t want to see Christian Patriot Militia groups arm up and do some survival practicing on their own private property?

Sadly, my friends, we failed that last Congressional vote on shooting down the useless the constitutional killing Patriot Act once and for all. We failed right along with disbanding the even more inept and unsuccessful anti-2nd/A–except maybe as future detention centers for gun owners and off grid survivalist preppers and food stockpilers during purposely engineered Martial Law– the DHS Jade Helm exercises and other gun confiscation tactics the government is practicing this summer. But I thank all the true patriots who valiantly persevered and adamantly bugged the living shit out of their corrupted Reps and senators. But the tyranny still prevails. Now even worse. And ’they’ are laughing at us all the way to the royalist throne room. 

All this proves they never cared about liberty and justice for the people. And to add salt to the wounds, without even pausing while our cheek was still red, ‘they’ just bitch slapped us right back on the other side of the face with a new concentrated effort from a traitorous Congress person in New Jersey on the back of a California bill called the ‘Online Ammo Sales Act’ to force ALL online ammo sales to be registered, FFL licensed, amount restricted and reported to local police for the record!

This would slow up, if not almost freeze, ammo availability at gun shows and small retailer sporting goods stores. Not to mention that you’d now have to pay higher retail prices at outlet stores especially if you were a bulk buyer? And you’d also have to have a NATIONAL F.O.I.D.(Firearms Owners Identification Card, like the Illinois’ civilian prisoners have under their draconian law.)

On top of that, the other day following the South Carolina church massacre Obama’s despicable ‘let no good tragedy go to waste’ talking point slider on needing more 2nd Amendment violations–and that’s what these bills should be called, not the leftist euphemism of ‘gun control’– certain legislatures released their poisonous propaganda and followed Hairball Reed’s latest push to fire up the old citizen disarmament bandwagon by pushing for accelerated votes on current 2/A violating gun measures and bills.

And just lately, right on the high heels of ‘H’s tweet also blaming the church massacre on firearms, and implying in dedicated campaign propaganda format that wink wink, she’ll ’git er done’ as far as absolute gun prohibition when she gets the Royalist Crown of POTUS in 2016.  And then beating that, we have the likes of Lindsey Graham (R-SC), no less, announcing his proposal to put all gun owners and ammo buyers in computer ‘systems’ so that the federal government can track these people.

And THEN even Carl Rove–who was someone I didn’t necessarily share political philosophies with but always appreciated for his serious understanding of the political system–came out from under his latent leftist rock and on the Fox News Sunday night show and responded to the church tragedy with this statement: “…basically, the only way to guarantee that we would dramatically reduce acts of violence involving guns is to basically remove guns from society, and until somebody gets up enough ‘oomph’ to repeal the Second Amendment , that’s not going to happen.” The portly power broking GOP political consultant then realized what he had said the next day after a volley of criticism and back peddled a tweet that he didn’t mean to infer a repeal of the 2nd/A, and was trying to say we have to look beyond gun laws for solutions’.

Well, it still sounds to me like a ‘Freudian slip’. Why would anyone of rightly just and liberty oriented mind even entertain such a thought as repealing the 2nd Amendment or being so stupid as to suggest that any gun control would actually make one iota of difference in social violence or gun related deaths? If that were really true, Carl, you’d make up for it by championing a repeal of all anti-2nd/A gun control laws, starting with the GCA of 1968.

The holy father just made a statement about being a supporter of ANTI-2nd/A violations. And of course that doesn’t really surprise those of us who study the truth and always knew the Vatican’s stance on this. Oh, you thought that just because the church owns a lot of land in this country that they are pro Constitution? The Vatican Papal bulls are notorious for proposing and endorsing anti-2nd/A measures. But you won’t hear the holy father banning his own special forces private military or police bodyguards from having military style assault firearms. And you can bet your last high capacity magazine that Billy-boy’s personal body guards are armed to the teeth.

With All This In-Our-Face Tyranny, Where’s the Outrage? 

Well, it not difficult to realize the problem when you look back in time and history to compare. The esoteric reality during the Revolutionary War is that the political demographics were not entirely similar to the differences in our country today in terms of relative support for changing the status quo. Without about a 2.5 million American population at the time, only about one third were for a ‘revolution’ to depart from ‘tyrannical’ policies of England. Another third were not particularly in favor of a physical revolution, and the rest, as we have now, were basically apathetic and non-interested in anything but their own business.

There were even a group Americans known as Loyalists or Tories who were‘government crown employees and their families, mostly in the Eastern colonies of around 20 thousand strong, who fought with England against the patriots. Of the one third of the country’s population who might have supported, at least peripherally, the actual Washington led revolutionary army and its Citizen’s Patriot ‘Well Regulated Militia’, only about 20,000 were ready and fighting at any given moment, aside from the eventual French supporting armies. Maybe around 300,000 patriots all total actually fought throughout the war. Most of the actual fighting occurred in the Eastern Colonies, and there were places out West where people didn’t even know about it!

Quite a different demographic situation compared to today. If you would venture to discuss relative connections, the main difference being that instead of a one third breakdown, today we have more of a one quarter breakdown in population social sentiment. Over ONE HALF of the American people would not support ANY form of revolution. They are the nascent socialist nanny state citizens. Of course the interesting irony is there was no such thing as a nanny state back during the Revolution, when everybody had to do something to survive.

Then another one quarter (or likely more) of our population doesn’t care one way or the other, they exist in their own little narcissistic worlds.  And of the perhaps one quarter left, not many would actually gather up their AR’s and back packs of ammo and march to Washington to take it back. They simply couldn’t physically achieve it anyway, even if they wanted to.

Sorry for the reality check. It’s not in my nature to stifle honest, dedicated, and determined support for the preservation of equal liberty and justice for all. But that’s just the way it really is.

The main thing to remember is that a revolution today would not really be about the same issues back in 1775.  In the simplest explanation, the American Revolution was about a battle of wills between brilliant orators and visionary writers theretofore unparalleled in human history, and a lazy, paranoid government devoid of a valid connection to or interest in the common people and concerned only about business profit and the power associated with England. Sound familiar? But it’s much worse now, in terms of the differences in social affiliation for similar, but not quite for exactly the same reasons.

Today, it is about direct increasing totalitarianism. But very unfortunately, too many Americans have been systematically indoctrinated and socially engineered to actually LIKE and enjoy a lazy, paranoid, out of control government, as long as it still allows them to watch the pro games and play the video games, and keeps throwing them bones and benefits garnished off the backs of others. And they certainly don’t care if the ’others’ have their civil rights violated to maintain that status quo?

So there are NOT as many freedom minded patriots as we think there is now. Once again in history, our personal liberty depends on the few to carry the majority of the burden. A valiant, but almost insurmountable endeavor today, compared to back then. This makes me wonder if I’m still in a nightmare I’ll never wake up from?  Unless most free thinking Americans seriously throw aside their differences and distractions, and form a tsunami of dedicated effort to change the political status quo, Hillary will be ‘In Like Flynn’ and it’s over for your freedom, folks. Like in Dead. Real DEAD. 

Celebrating Independence Day After 2016 Will Simply Not Have Meaning Anymore

What is the purpose of having a big 4th of July holiday celebration a couple years from now when there is no longer any liberty to be had ? Why painfully remind ourselves of something precious that we no longer possess?  What for, to pitifully add insult to despotism by mocking how we all screwed up the blessings we once had and blithely allowed totalitarianism to prevail? It will be like continually giving a death row prisoner his last meal long after he was executed.

I’m nobody but a simple warrior with enough training, experience, and education to see straight through the fog of government deceit and intentional tyranny and experience an unholy fear I have never felt before in the worst of deadly combat. But as much as I feel like it lately, I know I’ll never give up. So no matter what, and whatever the outcome of our political future, as I’ve always been, I’ll be the first one in…and the last one out.

But If we can’t change things with the ‘Franklin-onian’ political solution, instead of the Jeffersonian solution, I’m afraid this will be my last battle in life. And I pray that wherever I am on the ‘other side’, I won’t hear the eerie vibrations of human voices transcending the spiritual dimensions of eternity, between survivors of a war that didn’t have to happen saying “ but grandma, why did dad and so many others have to die fighting so hard when they couldn‘t win?” Why didn’t they and everybody else just exercise their late, great, last precious constitutional right they still had and simply VOTE the treasonous bastards out of power and restore ALL the constitutional rights and freedoms?

So I don’t think be golfing and I won’t be watching many ball games, and I won’t be doing much of anything anymore for the months ahead but concentrating and working hard on one of the most important, if not the end all, of all future elections as we knew them in our country which is coming up sooner than we will believe.

This 4th of July I will still take the time and respect our history. I’ll put my American flags out, and in remembrance to be shooting off some fireworks out in the peaceful country side and privately ruminate upon the meaning of the celebration of our precious freedom, and what it cost humanity. And, I’ll be hoping and praying it won’t be my ‘Last 4th of July Celebration’.

So please stay safe as you all still reap the good fortune to celebrate one of our greatest holidays in history. But please occasionally remind yourselves that ’freedom is never free, and all gave some’…but far too many brave patriots from then until now gave all. I personally will remind myself in many ways to be relentless in my civic duty as a currently free American patriot to help preserve liberty and justice for all, including remembering what the great poet said,

“…the forest is lovely, dark, and deep,

but I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep,

…and miles to go before I sleep…”

This article has been written by Mahatma Muhjesbunde for Survivopedia.

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