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So you are going out on a party with friends but you are worried about your “party makeup”? You remember that last time you went out, your makeup was a disaster? Shouldn’t you worry anymore, because I am about to reveal you the 13 biggest mistakes girls usually do when applying their makeup for the party night. I will also show you the things you should and shouldn’t do!

  1. The first mistake happens before you even apply your party makeup and it’s called “the rush”! Going out in a club can be a very exciting and interesting adventure which can even change your life for good. It can happen that you meet the love of your life or new wonderful friends. But it can also mean that nobody notices you. You just don’t stand out from the crowd. Many times I hear complaints from girls that they are never noticed in the club parties. So it is VERY important that you don’t rush with your makeup. Take your time, it’s YOUR party makeup we are talking about here. As a professional makeup artist I never rush, I always take as much time as I need, unless there are of course different circumstances. Even I make mistakes when I’m not focused.
  2. Some girls forget to wash their face with cold water and apply moisturizing lotion before the makeup. It is very important that you wash your face with cold water because this will stimulate the blood circulation in your skin, which makes it ready for the makeup. Also applying moisturizing lotion is important because your makeup will last longer. Don’t forget to apply the lotion massaging it into the skin, again, because of the blood circulation. This will perfectly prepare your skin for your upcoming party makeup.
  3. After the lotion, don’t immediately apply the foundation. If you have skin problems like pimples or acne you should know that applying concealer for party makeup takes it’s place BEFORE the foundation. For party makeup you have to choose the green colored concealer. If you don’t have one, then skip this routine and apply the concealer close to your foundation tone AFTER the foundation application. But if you do have the green concealer, apply it directly on the problematic portions of your skin. Watch out how much material you apply, don’t apply too much because this will be noticeable later and also will be greatly noticeable on the photos.
  4. Next big mistake happens when choosing the foundation color. Sometimes girls chose darker foundation than their skin tone. For party makeup it is very important that you choose foundation that is little lighter than your skin tone. Specially if there are strong ultra violet lights in the club, your face could look very dark, and it would mean a disaster if you choose darker foundation.
  5. Now the foundation application. If you applied the green concealer, never rush with your foundation. Don’t make a mistake by applying your foundation in left and right motions, because it will totally ruin your party makeup. You will displace the concealer you applied before. It’s time to apply foundation with wet sponge. Apply it on the sponge. Now you press the sponge on a single spot and move it just very little to one side. This is how you apply the foundation. Just repeat the process. It is time consuming but it is well worth the effort. You won’t displace your concealer which is under your foundation and your party makeup will look gorgeous.
  6. Choosing strong eyeshadow or lipstick colors is very important. Girls do complain that their party makeup doesn’t look much different than their usual daily makeup. It is because they usually choose too light and soft colors. For clubs and parties you have to choose strong colors. Just one caution. Don’t make your eyeshadows and lipstick colors to clash. If they both are too strong, the makeup can look artificial. There are however exceptions where both colors can be strong and still look gorgeous.
  7. Don’t forget to lighten the area under your eyes if you have dark circles. You can use white eyeshadow for this, just watch you don’t apply to much of it. Or you can use lighter concealer.
  8. Big mistake, to make! No darker blush colors compared to your lipstick color, please! Only once I did this mistake. I applied darker blush than the lipstick color was and the girl looked like someone hit her on her face. This can totally ruin everything. Go easy on blush!
  9. Don’t be afraid to use sparkles, it is very cool for parties, so you can become the star of the night!
  10. Did you notice that your face glows very bright, on the photos, compared to your body? This is another big thing girls usually don’t know why it’s happening. Because the foundation and concealer reflect the light from flashes, your face glows on the photos while your body absorbs the light. Put some foundation and sparkles on your upper body, like shoulders and cleavage, if they are visible of course. This way your body will also reflect the light, you will reach brightness balance and look truly gorgeous on the photos.
  11. Watch that you don’t make a line on your neck, with your foundation. Take your time and make good blending with your neck tone. If you need, use pressed powder which will help you hide the line.
  12. No use of pressed powder foundation. Girls always ask why their faces glow so much on the photos. This is different than the glow I explained before. The one I was talking about earlier is just the difference between face and body brightness. But this is when your face just glows way too much on photos. It happens if you don’t apply pressed powder foundation. For party makeup you must use it. It makes your face absorb some portion of the light. Apply it the same way you applied the foundation, just with a dry sponge instead. And remember that you have to apply your pressed powder foundation before the lipstick. The lipstick is the last thing you put on yourself. You can also apply little of this foundation on your body, it looks great there.
  13. The last big mistake girls do is when they apply their lipstick. Your lips are your poisonous weapon you can use to seduce your targets. So that’s why you have to calibrate this weapon to hit the target. Girls usually forget that lips have these natural pores which must be visible to look natural. Putting too much lipstick on your lips will even out the pores and make them invisible. This causes unnatural and plastic look of your lips, which totally ruins your party makeup. Other people get an impression that you just put too much of your makeup on and that it doesn’t look cool. I will tell you how to make your lips totally sexy and seducing that nobody can resist. Chose your color and apply your lipstick. Blot your lips with a tissue paper after the application of lipstick, to remove the unnecessary material. Now that you have your lipstick on and the pores visible put a crystal clear lipgloss on your lips. This will totally make your lips go “kiss me”!

    That’s it! Based on my personal research, these are the 13 most common mistakes girls make to ruin their party night. Follow my advice and you will become the star of the night!


Source by Zoran Gajic

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