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Allow yourself to think about the last time that you had a party. Remember what the most stressful part is? That's right; it's the planning! Since it is the step where we have to make a lot of decisions, it takes a lot of time. What party theme will I have? Will I have enough plates for this event? What food will I make? Should I invite that irritating neighbor of mine?

Things like that. But you know what, party planning should not be that difficult. You just need to organize your party earlier so that you'll have time to resolve any problems that you might encounter.

First, make a checklist. I know some of you hate doing lists but let me tell you that it'll make your job easier. A good example is this friend of mine who was sending invitations for his son's birthday party. He kept telling me that he had a nagging feeling that he forgot someone, good thing he had a list. Guess who he forgot? His dear mother-in-law. Anyways, some of you may say that checklists are a pain to make. But believe me, they're a great asset to any party planner.

Now that you have your list, you have to make your decisions. Choosing your party food is kind of tricky since you have to match your food to whatever age groups your guests' are. If you're not that great in the kitchen, then why not hire a caterer. You can also search online for some great party food ideas. Why not try and experiment in the kitchen? See what food appeals to you the most.

You also have to decide about your party theme. Halloween parties are the easiest since you just have to create a spooky atmosphere. Children's party, on the other hand, demands a lot of time since there is a lot of themes to choose from.

Baby showers require a cute and adorable ambiance; bachelorette and bachelors parties Just need fun, fun, and more fun. Why not try and explore what theme would be most enjoyable for you and your guests. You can get great party ideas from many online blogs and forums.

There are great online party stores where you can get great ideas from. This is a good thing especially if you are not that creative or if you do not have time to shop at the stores. You do not have to worry about your party invitations, decorations, and costumes since you can buy them at affordable prices and get them delivered at you're doorstep. Now party planning would not such a pain anymore. You can just relax at home and wait for your party accessories to be delivered. You'll really have fun, memorable parties that your friends will enjoy.


Source by Doron Bentov

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