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Friday night means one thing to guys all across the country: date night! That’s the one evening in a crowded week on which they can whisk their partners away to someplace romantic, and maybe end the evening with a sensual session in the bedroom. Aside from making dinner reservations, there are also some specific penis care steps men should take to make sure the night goes swimmingly.

In addition to these steps, which are described below in detail, men should make sure to perform a monthly inspection of the area, paying attention to any unusual bruises, bumps or growths that may signal a need for medical attention.

1. Trimming and Shaping

Pubic hair may grow with wild abandon if it is left uncontrolled, and except in certain cases, an untamed bush is certainly not appealing to the average sex partner, particularly if oral play is on the menu. Pesky hairs can get stuck between teeth, and they can trap unpleasant odors.

There’s no need to strive for a clean shave, unless that is what is desired, but trimming up unruly hairs with a pair of sharp scissors can be a nice gesture. The idea is to remove just a little of the bulk to make the whole package appear more hygienic.

2. Washing Up

No matter how much of a rush a man is in to get the show on the road on date night, there is no excuse for missing the shower. The nether regions may have accumulated a powerful odor as a result of accumulated body fluids and hanging out in sweaty underwear. A rinse in the shower with a gentle cleanser can clear up the problem, leaving the penile skin fresh and ready for action.

3. Patting Dry (Everywhere!)

After washing, it is also important to allow the area to dry thoroughly; moisture that is left behind and trapped inside the underwear provides a haven for odor-causing bacteria, not to mention fungal spores that can cause itchy infections if they are left unchecked.

After patting the area dry with a towel, it is not a bad idea to spend a few minutes walking around in the buff to allow the private area to air-dry, ensuring that there is no moisture left behind in the nooks and crannies or clinging to the hairs.

4. Choosing the right underclothing

While a man is walking about in his altogether, he can choose an appropriate costume for the evening’s festivities. While he might be tempted to yank on a jeweled, vinyl thong to impress his mate, a more appropriate choice for a healthy, well-groomed penis is one that is made of a breathable material such as cotton. The underclothing should provide sufficient support, while fitting comfortably so as not to cause chafing or restricted circulation.

Undies like this might not scream out the words “sex slave,” but they can provide a man with the support and other benefits he needs in order to perform like a champ when it finally comes down to the big moment.

5. Applying a Final Touch

Before slipping on those under drawers, men have one more vital step to take, and that involves a top-notch penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). A product like this should be enriched with penis-specific nutrients such as vitamin A for odor control, as well as vitamins C and E for smooth, healthy, responsive skin that is capable of providing pleasure to both the owner and his partner.

Products like this are absorbed right into the skin, leaving no residue or perfume behind, so they can be applied right before a guy gets dressed and heads off to meet his mate.


Source by John Dugan

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