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Are you preparing for the future? If you already have money set aside and you eat well and exercise daily then you are on your way to a prosperous and healthy retirement. But what about the little guy in your life, are you planning for his future too? According to Minnesota Men’s Health Centre there is a 65% chance of experiencing erectile dysfunction after the age of 65. So start thinking of your penis as an investment opportunity, with long lasting erections as the long term payoff.

Now, what stock are you going to put your erections in, is it going to be pills, surgery, or exercises. Pills can make a penis of any age look and feel 25 again with minimal effort, but are pills the best option for you? First, they cost about $20 to $25 per pill, which is money that could be going towards golfing, or fishing, or whatever kind of activities and hobbies you might want to do in retirement.

Second, there are all kinds of potential side effects to those drugs such as blurred vision, headaches, indigestion, painful erections that last for hours, and even blindness. Moreover, have you ever wondered what could happen at the doctor’s office if you have to go there for an erection that would not go away, other than intense embarrassment? Well, you do not want to know and seriously, do not Google it.

Another option is machinery and surgery. You can hook up to a vacuum device to get an erection, and put on a plastic sheath to maintain it, but how sexy is that? Are you ready to say to your sexual partner the words “are you ready for me honey, I am just getting my penis out of the vacuum,” your loved one might not be in the mood after that line. And surgery of any kind is ridiculously expensive, and very scary.

The last option for long term penis heath is penile exercises. Exercising is a free, safe, and effective way to prevent and treat erectile dysfunction and with the added benefits of greater sexual control and penis size increase. Like most other exercises, it is a good idea to do every day, and making penile exercising part of your daily routine now will pay off in the future.

Imagine the pride you will have in your all natural erection at 65, the admiration your partner will have for you, the bragging you will be doing to your friends. Take a look at some of these exercises and practice them safely today, because your penis deserves to be as well prepared for your retirement as your wallet is.


Source by Roy Robertson

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