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Planning as early as possible for your wedding is the key to maintaining a budget you can afford. It is a good idea for both the future Bride and Groom to do this together. You may find that you have two completely different ideas of what your wedding should cost.

Make a list for each area of your wedding. This will help you in coming up with a total cost for your special day. Include the amount you would like to spend and who will be paying for each area. The following is a list of some area’s you may want to consider adding to your list:

1. Wedding accessories and gown

2. Grooms Formalwear

3. Bridal Jewelry

4. Ceremony Site, Officiator, Musicians and vocalists

5. Photographer

6. Reception Hall

7. Wedding Favors & Decorations

8. Wedding Cake

9. Toasting Flutes and a Cake Serving Set

10. Flowers

11. Dancing Music for the reception

12. Invitations

13. Flowers

14. Attendant Gifts

15. Honeymoon

Open a savings account just for your wedding expenses and start saving for your big day as soon as possible. Try to plan only what you can afford without the use of credit cards and loans. Remember you are beginning your new life together, and it will be much easier without the accumulated a huge debt in planning your wedding.

Best wishes on starting your new life together debt free.


Source by Rosemarie Baylor

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