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What would you choose for your self-defense? A gun, a blade or some DIY gear? In some scenarios you might not have the choice so you should know a bit about each of them and a lot about the one you’ll be more likely to use.

That’s why this week we made a roundup of the best articles on this topic. Scroll through them and let us know which one would you choose in the comments section below.

1. 1 Weird 2 Cent Trick For Precision With A Pistol

“Ox here with a little 2 cent trick with you that may very well completely change how well you shoot.

There are several factors that impact how well you can shoot a gun. Some of them are controllable, and some you just have to deal with. And some are a combination of both. As an example, if you’ve been shooting a long time, the fundamentals that you show up to the range with will probably be the fundamentals you’re going to use. .”

Read more on Survive The Coming Collapse.

2. Blades Matter when Picking the Perfect Knife

“Picking out a knife for your EDC is harder than one would expect. There are so many different models in an amazing number of styles and materials and the price range greatly varies from a model to the other.

Most of the times, one will choose a blade only if it looks cool, without knowing that looks can be deceiving and the knife he chose might not be the right one for him. You should at least know why the blade is shaped in a particular style and what it is good for.”

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3. How to Make a Bottle Flamethrower

“This video demonstrates possibly the simplest flamethrower design ever.”

Video first seen on Night Hawk In Light 

4. Is Ball Pistol Ammo Worth Stockpiling?

“Ball ammo is perhaps the most standard type pistol ammunition available. So is it worth buying and possibly even stockpiling? When this question arises, you simply have to ask, “For what?”

Ball ammo was designed with a basic full metal jacketed bullet so it would function reliably in a semi-automatic pistol. These round, smooth bullets were created to feed from a pistol magazine flawlessly and enter the chamber without snags or hang ups. In this regard, ball ammo has performed admirably.”

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5. The Best Way to Carry Concealed

“As a concealed carry license holder, I am always looking for the best way to carry concealed in whatever situation I find myself in.

What I have found over many years is that this requires a little bit of flexibility and the method of concealed carry and more importantly, whether it will work for you, greatly depends on what you are carrying, where you are carrying and what you are planning on doing when you are carrying.”

Read more on The Prepper Journal.

This article has been written by Brenda E. Walsh for Survivopedia.

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