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Few things feel better for a true self-sufficient homesteader than mastering the skills necessary for producing, canning and stockpiling his or her own food. And it feels even better when you can take the scarps and leftovers and put them to good use.

That’s exactly what we’re looking at today! Just scroll through this week’s selection of articles we found interesting and think you might too and let us know what you think in the comments section below!

1. 13 Root Cellar Alternatives

“1. Trash Can Root Cellar

Materials: metal trash can (with a lid), waterproof cover (like a tarp), straw, shovel

Estimated Cost: Cheap

Difficulty Level: Easy

Description: Perfect for storing root vegetables, the Trash Can Root Cellar is simply dug into the earth, filled with your root veggies, covered with straw, and topped with both the tarp and the lid. Easy to upkeep and cheap to make!”

Read more on The Prairie Homestead.

2. Tips for Butchering Your Own Pigs on the Homestead

““We butchered a pig this weekend”.   The sentence sounds unusual to me as I explain to my co-worker.   It was not what she was expecting to hear as a response to: “What did you do this weekend?”

I guess I could have been more delicate about it and said “We sent our pig to freezer camp” or some euphemism of the sort.  But I didn’t.

This weekend, we butchered our Barrow.  It had been planned from the beginning.  We purchased two glits to have more babies and a barrow to fill the freezer.  We always knew that was the plan.”

Read more on Tattooed Homestead.

3. Jack Spirko Food Preservation

Video first seen on Jack Spirko

4. 11 Ordinary Things You Can Turn Into Candles

“It’s really easy to take lights for granted. So much so that even some preppers forget that during a power outage, you need more than just flashlights. Sure, they’ll help you find your way around the house, but you also need a light that fills the room so you can work, or read, or see the faces of your loved ones.

There are plenty of options, but if you find yourself in a power outage and you don’t have any of those options, don’t worry. As you’ll see, almost every home has something that can be turned into a candle.”

Read more on Urban Survival Site.

5. SHTF Bread Recipe – Without Yeast

“There are all sorts of creative ways to make bread without any yeast. You might ask, “Why would I want to know how to make bread without yeast?” Maybe for the sake of preparedness – for an environment where you might not have any yeast… that’s why I’m calling this bread, ‘SHTF bread’

This is very basic bread, but it works, and it’s edible.”

Read more on Modern Survival Blog.

6. Making Dandelion Root Coffee From Start To Finish

“Learn how to make dandelion root coffee in this step by step how-to video. Lonnie starts out digging the root and ends taste testing the finished “coffee” and shows you how to do it yourself.”

Video first seen on Far North Bushcraft And Survival

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This article has been written by Brenda E. Walsh for Survivopedia.

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