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There are so many skills a prepper must have when SHTF that we could write daily something on this topic.

And although all skills are important, some will make the difference between life and death. So today we gathered some interesting articles on some essential skills, some vital and some not, but all really important for your survival!

1. Recognizing the Sound of Gunfire

“With all the recent active shooter/active killer events happening worldwide, I’m continuing to see reports of the exact same phenomenon….people don’t recognize the sounds of gunfire when they are being shot at.

In almost every mass shooting, victims report that they heard a loud noise, but thought it was some other more innocuous sound.  In a recent school shooting,  Jordan Coates, a student at the school stated:

“My back was to the door. I heard a pop and thought it was a bag because people do that”.”

Read more on Active Response Training.

2. Video: How To Press Your Own Cooking Oil

“Sunflower seeds are often overlooked in terms of supplies for sustainable living, yet they are one one of the most versatile types of seeds to have on hand.

Not only are they beneficial to the garden, but can be used for alternative power, has medicinal properties, can be fed to livestock, and can be pressed into fresh oil to use for cooking. Imagine all the space you could save in your pantries just by pressing your own oil.”

Read more on Ready Nutrition.

3. How To Make The Skyblaster Slingshot

“Here’s how to make a powerful water balloon slingshot, that launches water bombs from over 150 feet away.”

Video first seen on Grant Thompson – “The King of Random” 

4. Survival First Aid – What To Do When Bitten By A Snake After The SHTF

“Summer is finally upon us. Millions of Americans are enjoying the great outdoors or tending their crops and likely just a few feet away from a snake at any given moment.

Snakes terrify many people unnecessarily. They are really more afraid of us than we are of them. Seriously folks, they are not lying in wait for human flesh 24/7. Unless startled, snakes rarely strike out and sink their sharp teeth into the skin of equally startled people.”

Read more on Survival Based.

5. How To Use A Knife Outdoors

“A knife is the most essential and useful tool you can take with you into the outdoors. But, do you know how to get the most out of one? Let’s go over the basics and show you all the stuff a knife can do.

Want to get started using a knife outdoors? The basic Mora Companion in carbon steel costs less than $15 and excels at any job described here. Spend more on a knife because you want to, not because you need to. The Mora is also very light, making it a great companion (har) for ultralight backpackers.”

Read more on Indefinitely Wild.

This article has been written by Brenda E. Walsh for Survivopedia.

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