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If you enjoy DIY projects and making things with your own hands, than you’ll love this week’s Prep Blog Review.

We’ve gathered 5 awesome projects that will keep you busy and will provide great satisfaction and help once they’re done.

1. How to Build a Wood-fired Earthen Oven (A Low-Cost Project)

“Reducing the amount of technology you depend on is beneficial for your resilience plus both for your health and that of the environment. A lot of us love to spend time in nature so a way to cook in nature will surely help enjoy the time spent there.

Wood-fired earthen ovens are easily documented all the way back the ancient Romans. Likewise, they are easily documented in archaeological evidence and first-hand accounts from the 18th Century. In this video you’ll see how easy it is to build one.”

Read more Walden Labs.

2. Building Our Smokehouse – An American Homestead

“Our smokehouse is finally complete. We have lots of plans to show you how we are going to use this cold smoker through the winter for a number of tasks including to preserve and cure meats.”

Video first seen on An American Homestead

3. Homemade fence-puller

“The following photos illustrate a homemade fence-puller Don made last spring to stretch fencing single-handedly (I wasn’t able to assist) with the aid of a fence puller/splicer.

These photos accompany an article I’m submitting to Backwoods Home Magazine and are numbered so the editor can choose which photos she wants to use.”

Read more on Rural Revolution.

4. Rope Ladder with Mors Kochanski and Kelly Harlton

“While Kelly demonstrates creating a rope ladder, Mors narrates. Hope you enjoy.”

Video first seen on Karamat Wilderness Ways

5. How to Chop Wood

“There may be some actual science behind the legendary manliness of Paul Bunyan, the ax-wielding lumberjack folklore credits with razing forests from Maine to North Dakota.

Chopping wood for an hour can boost male testosterone levels by almost 50 percent, says a group of University of California, Santa Barbara, researchers studying the Tsimane population of Bolivia. While many studies have examined the effect competition has on testosterone, lead researcher Ben Trumble instead chose to look at resource gathering and food production for a study published in 2012.”

Read more on Modern Farmer.

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This article has been written by Brenda E. Walsh for Survivopedia.

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