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Money is the number one thing that married couples fight about. Most need to understand that the struggle surrounding money begins long before the loving couple takes the plunge. The cost of a wedding can quickly get out of control which is a budget needs to be planned And once you've set a solid one, it's extremely important that you both stick to the budget.

Although, a wedding budget may not sound that appealing, it does not have to be a negative thing. On the other hand, planning a wedding without a budget is the easiest way to start a marriage in serious debt. The key to success is really basic. Open and honest communication is a must.

Affianced couples need to talk about what they both want for their big day. Although, most women began planning their big day at five, their still needs to be room for the grooms opinions as well. Women work on the assumption that guys do not care about the details but that's not always true. It is, after all, the man's big day too.

Once the high of engagement dissipates, go somewhere and discuss what is really important to each of you. Communication is really key at this point.This is the point where you should make a list of what is absolutely necessary in your wedding. You're going to use this information when it's time to allocate your budget.

It's time to crunch the numbers when you both have an idea what is needed. Its key to determine how much money is available. You should include money in savings accounts, stocks / bonds, real estate, trust funds, how much you'll have to commit to saving from your current or upcoming jobs, and how much you can realistically expect others to kick in. It may be a good idea, depending on the wedding date to open a high-interest bearing savings account to earn more interest.Its important to remember not to make unrealistic statements when it comes others contributing funds to you wedding. Accept what you are offered graciously.

Next, make a separate list of all wedding-related expenses and devote a dollar amount or percentage you are willing to spend next to each item. This will be needed when you're actually searching for these various services. The point of a budget is to balance all of your expenses, so if you go over your set amount in one category, scale back another one. To help with the process, there are many tools including wedding budget worksheets and software, so planning can be easy. A budget can be essential to a healthy wedding foundation so go ahead and plan and have fun!


Source by Nikki Carroll

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