Prepare and defend against a disaster


Personal survival kits are becoming an essential in every household because we never know when a disaster may strike. These are very helpful when you travel a lot in the wilderness. Some people even purchase pre-made survival kits.

However, this is not the healthiest preference, as this will not best suit your particular needs. Unexpected things might happen in the wilderness so it’s advisable to have one handy so you can help or rescue someone in the midst of danger or emergency. The key to surviving the many unexpected disasters and events in the wilderness is to prepare your personal survival kits, which contain a judicious selection of items.  

You can also choose from what materials the gear are made and match it with the extreme sports you are involved into. Some pre-made kits are made up of inferior materials or may lack critical components that you particularly need during a camping trip or anything trip.

Another reason why you should avoid buying pre-made kits is that you don’t necessarily know every component of the kit and once you need it, you don’t really know where it is situated. But if you’re the one who made and prepared it, you are more familiar with its location and you can easily access every contents of it. 

Good personal survival kits should include several bandages with varying sizes, sterile gauze, scalper, tweezers, medicines, anti-biotic and several ointments for burns and insect repellants. Food, extra clothing, bottled water and flashlight should not be forgotten or you won’t survive a day in the wilderness without these basic essential human needs.  

Natural disasters occur without a moment’s notice so it is always good to be prepared, well equipped and prepared personal survival kits. Learn the basics of rescuing, swimming, camping and cooking and you will definitely survive in any emergency and disasters.


Source by Naomi Smith

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