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Any time a guy is nude, he wants to make sure he's presenting a handsome penis to any watchers – whether that's one special person in the bedroom or a crowd of potential onlookers at a clothing optional beach. Part of maintaining a handsome penis, of course, is taking pains to practice good penis health – because a healthy penis is by definition a more handsome one. And regular check-ups with a doctor, whether for general health and for any penis-specific matters, are required to keep the manhood in its best shape.

But when making those doctor visits, are there things that a guy needs to do to "prep" himself and his penis? Absolutely. And the following are tips to keep in mind in that area.

Do a thorough wash. This is both for the dude himself and for his doctor, who does not relish the idea of ??handling a member that hasn't seen a shower in a couple of days. Guys should always make sure that their penis and testicles are clean, period. But before a doctor visit, he especially wants to be sure that there's no lingering odor from too much sweat, dried semen, etc. And it can be very embarrassing for a doctor to roll back a man's foreskin during a penis examination and find a layer of smegma underneath the hood.

Do a pre-examination. Before the doctor visit, a man should take time to feel around his penis and testicles – not in a masturbatory sense, but in order to check for any lumps, bumps etc. He should also do a visual check for any rashes, discoloration, etc. It's a good idea to use a mirror for this, so that the underside of the testicles can be viewed as well. He should make a note of anything that might need to be brought to the doctor's attention.

Take it for a trial run. If a guy hasn't had sex – whether with a partner or with himself – for a substantial length of time, he should masturbate the night before seeing the doctor. There are two reasons for this. First, he can make sure there are no sexual function problems that need to be addressed. Second, some men worry about getting an erection while a doctor is examining them, and would be especially embarrassed if the doctor's handling of the penis resulted in an ejaculation. By masturbating in advance, he lowers the chances of this occurring. (Those who are especially concerned about this situation occurring may opt to masturbate closer to the time of the doctor visit.)

Make a list of any questions / concerns. If a man has any concerns specifically related to his penis, he should list them. These may be sexual in nature (eg, difficulty maintaining an erection, premature or prolonged ejaculation, etc.) or physical / cosmetic (eg, rashes, redness, swelling, bending, strong odor, etc.). Writing them down will help ensure he doesn't forget them. If there's a problem, list all pertinent details. For example, if there is a pain in the penis, list how long it has been a problem, the level of the pain, when / how often the pain occurs, where in / on the penis it occurs, and the like.

Use a crème. A handsome penis benefits from regular use of a first rate penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) , especially before a doctor visit. It is best to choose a crème that can provide a wide range of vitamins, such as A, B5, C, D and E; the fact that the crème is applied topically enables these vitamins to more directly target their benefits to the penis. The wise man also makes sure the crème includes L-arginine. This amino acid is part of the process whereby nitric oxide is produced, which in turn helps keep penile blood vessels open and flowing.


Source by John Dugan

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