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Whether you are hosting a wedding, a sales conference, or a prom, banquet halls have a myriad of uses. These chapters come equipped with staff and facilities that you can not acquire on your own without using an unlimited amount of resources. When planning an event that will require a large space, keep these tips in mind to ensure that you use the banquet hall's facilities to their fullest.

Redundancies, Redundancies, Redundancies

As the head of a major event, you simply can not solve every problem that occurs on the spot. Quality banquet halls will set you up with a site that will help keep your function on track. Make sure this person has documentation of everything that will happen. Inevitably, there will come a time when you are otherwise engaged when a small crisis occurs. By having a second person with exactly the same amount of knowledge you have about your event, you can empower them to solve problems without your direct involvement.

It is critical to also keep and prepare backups of everything you'll need on the night itself. If there will be a presentation, it should be stored on multiple devices. You should also have a contingency plan in place should the projector fail. Print extra copies of everything, and be sure to store them separately. This way you can never lose your information if one person makes a mistake.

Have a Clear Floor Plan

One of the most stressful parts of planning any event is the setup. Moving chairs and tables, hanging decorations, setting out food – these things all take time and manpower far greater than that of any one individual. You will be forced to involve other people in your setup, but that can create just as many problems as it solves if they do not understand your vision for the space.

Most banquet halls have staff members that are experienced in setting up for various types of functions. Get them involved in drawing up an exact floor plan. This way, all the people involved in the setup will have a visual reference point to go back to, streamlining the setup process. The more detailed you can make your floor plan, the better. What needs to be moved first? Is there anything that has to be set up before decorating can take place? You should be able to look at your floor plan as if you were someone with absolutely no knowledge of the event and still be able to answer this question: "I have not been told to do anything and I'm just standing around – what's the next thing I could do to be the most helpful right now? "

Preparation Leads to Perfection

When the doors open, you want your event to operate like a machine, perfectly executing each part of the schedule effectively and on time. By streamlining your setup process, you will ensure that your mental faculties are available to deal with any problems that arise ahead of time. Preparing your floor plan in advance, creating backups of important documents and information, and making use of your site liaison will help you ensure that your event will move forward without any delays or major issues.


Source by Andrew Stratton

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