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There are a few important points to understand about floor paints. The vital phase occurs before you even begin to spread the mixture if you are intending to apply a garage floor paint on a concrete floor. You are simply messing around if you do not prep the floor correctly. Whiche kind of floor paint you choose, whether it is epoxy, latex or enamel, it must have a completely clean surface to stick to. Good old soap and water is the initial stage to cleaning your floor. You can find floor detergents but all powder soap will do a high-quality job.

If you have a power washer then this works really well to get rid of any dirt and it will also blow off some other contaminants. It will not completely clean the floor for a paint application though. You still have to use some elbow grease and scrub with soap.

After pressure washing, spray some water on the floor and then spread the detergent. Using a floor broom, you can rub with lots of downward pressure which helps to loosen all the hard stains. Rinse the soap off with a water and test for impurities which may still be present. These include oil stains, grease, and other auto fluids. You can use the water bead test to check for these contaminants.

To use the water bead test, observe how water behaves after you spray it on the surface of the concrete. It should seem to flow off the concrete until the surface is wet, but there is no presence of water. If instead you see water beading up this indications you still have impurities which must be eliminated. Use a high-quality degreaser and once more roll it out and rub with the floor broom. You particularly need to scrub in the areas where the beading happened, although it does not hurt to do the whole floor and then rinse and retest for beading. You must continue doing this stage until the water no longer sits on the surface.

If the entire floor shows beading it generally means that the floor has a transparent cover applied for a sealer. To remove this you will have to use a diluted solution of hydrochloric acid to etch the floor which can be bought at the same store where you bought the floor paint.

Because people are in a rush to paint, the majority of them do not invest close to adequate time for this step when applying garage floor paint. This, unluckily, results in a state where the paint is applied and then lifts up in a few weeks or months. The preparation stage of this action will determine how much success you have, just like most projects about the house. This may seem like much effort, but actually the cleaning should simply take approximately a day and then if you let it dry during the night, you can spread out the paint the following day.


Source by Al Barnes

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