Prepare and defend against a disaster


Natural disasters not only bring havoc and chaos with them but, homelessness, diseases, and lack of provisions as well. It is important to be prepared for a natural disaster way before it strikes and make sure that you are not left helpless after its occurrence.

It is essential that you plan each and every thing in advance so that you and your loved ones will not have to go through exaggerated stress and problems due to lack of survival gears in the wake of a natural disaster.

Below mentioned are seven ways to be ready for disasters to ensure that wherever you have to go, after a disaster strikes, you are safe.

  1. Know the vulnerabilities around you

Know what kind of a natural disaster or any other calamity can hit you. You can tell so by the area around you. For example, those living in Florida or Texas are more vulnerable to hurricanes and typhoons. So keep yourself up to date all the time and prepare to get through these tough times.

  1. Plan Properly

Planning is important in times like these and you ought to have a proper working guide to help you evacuate with much ease. Keep up to date with news and any programs where you learn how to be a survivalist.

  1. Determine the best routes for you to evacuate

Know how you will evacuate your house and know the routes that will make it easier for you. It is important that you have all the potential locations, to be your shelters on your list.

  1. Pack everything that is important

Yes, it is important that you have all the necessary items with you when you are fleeing in times of a natural disaster. Emergency kit, food supplies, clothes, readily accessible finances like plastic money, and other important things you think will be essential for you and your family while you are in a shelter.

  1. Communication

In times like these, it is inevitable that you and your family members do not get separate from each other. Make sure that you have the proper means to communicate with each one of them and maintain communication so that you know that everyone from your family is safe and sound.

  1. Prepare!

While everyone will be more tensed and stressed about the situation, you must not panic. Plan everything carefully, guide your family about the potential threats and make them learn how to be a survivalist. Track the progress of the potential disaster and recognize every threat that is headed your way.

  1. Transportation

To evacuate and flee from your location, it is essential that you have the means to transport you and your family to a safer area. Having your own personal vehicle is great but if you do not have it, you must prepare for a vehicle that will take you to a safe zone. Or, you may plan to evacuate with close family members or neighbors who have the transportation means.


Source by Buck Jones

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