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Herpes is a very common, although very taboo, viral infection that is estimated to be transported by as many as one in five people in the United States alone. The fact that it is a sexually transmitted disease means there is a lot of misinformation and innuendo surrounding the disease, and many sufferers are made to feel dirty or unclean because they have contracted the condition. The fact is that if you do suffer from herpes, you are not alone, and the infection can be controlled to the point where you can live a normal life, including a normal sex life. There are many facets to the disease that will be discussed in future articles, but for now we'll look at some ways sufferers can prevent genital herpes outbreaks, allowing you to get the disease under control.

The first thing you need to do is find a regular treatment. Different treatments will work for different folks, but the most popular and effective way to prevent genital herpes outbreaks is through regular suppressive antiviral treatment. This involves having a consultation with a doctor and receiving a prescription for antiviral drugs, usually taken daily, or depending on the severity of your outbreaks, may be taken only when you feel an outbreak coming on.

Antivirals are not for everyone however, as they can be expensive, can sometimes make people sick or lethargic, or they can sometimes be ineffective. For these people, there are a wide range of very effective natural treatments available.

Another option you can try in addition to home treatments or your prescription drugs are some effective 'home remedies' that are known to help prevent genital herpes outbreaks. These can include daily doses of lysine, lemon balm on the genital area when the 'tingling' is first felt, or daily doses of Lomatium root, which is a proven natural treatment for enhancing and bolstering the immune system, and many sufferers swear by it for preventing genital herpes outbreaks.


Source by Kat Samson

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