Prepare and defend against a disaster


There's a lot of information around for those folks that some are now calling "prep-ers" or those who are preparing for dire future scenarios. One way of trying to make sense of the pages and pages of seemingly endless information and long lists of items that may be needed is to step back and take a look at that vessel we all contend with on this plane, the human body.

The one thing that could do a person in very fast is not having breathable air. For those that can not afford expensive, full face masks, lets hope this one does not come to pass. (The eye's could need protection in some situations, which a breathing apparatus that covers only the mouth and nose would not provide.)

If our bodies were suddenly aggravated too far out of our narrow range of necessary temperatures, it could also pretty much mean instant death. So, in order to prepare for this, we would need to somehow control our environment ensuring that we do not get too hot or too cold. A wood stove with a good supply of wood could be one possible tool to counter the cold. Hint: large chunks of wood are harder to steal than smaller ones. And what about a solar powered air conditioner? You get the picture. But do not worry if you, like most people, can not afford those expensive panels. A quick heating up of things as drastically as that has a lower probability of occurrence than do other scenarios.

Fresh water would be our next concern. Stocking this and keeping it drinkable is the subject of many sources that can easily be looked up. And lets not forget the supply in the hot water tank, toilet tank and filling the tub if time allows.

As for food supplies, this is also covered in many easy to find places. And do not forget the rice and noodles. I have many recipes soon to be posted that will utilize these affordable and storable, nourishing staples. If you have the wood stove and fuel, this can double as a cooking stove. And remember, you'll be needing dry matches, pot, etc.

This is by no means an exhaustive coverage of the topic for prepers but just some guidelines that might prove helpful. Not to be too paranoid but it's always better to be prepared than not to be prepared. You might want to check some of the numerous sites that go into much more depth including escape plans if needed. And remember not to keep your lights on if you are the only one around that has lights. If someone thinks you have something they need, they may try to do whatever necessary to secure those things for themselves.


Source by John Mellem

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