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If you are thinking about buying a home through the services of a real estate agent, then these steps can help you retain your sanity and insure your success.

Tip # 1: Understand the Professional Identity Crisis

People who recognize their strengths typically put them to work in an appropriate industry. This hint may or may not help you buy a house. It is just a suggestion that Realtors are sensitive about these stuff, so do not make fun of them.

Tip # 2: Realize that Intelligence is Preferred But Not Required

While intelligence in a realtor is preferred, it is not a requirement since the process of qualifying to become a realtor is available to most everyone.

Tip # 3: Watch the Language!

Not to say that realters would lie, but some of their statements could be, we say, veracity-challenged.

Tip # 4: Know that What You See May Not Be What You Get

Do not evaluate a house by the lousy photos you see in the newspaper ads and brochures. The moral of the story: See for yourself.

Tip # 5: Avoid the 10 Percent Phenomenon

Tell your realtor the maximum amount of money you want to spend when you start the process of buying a house – then watch how every house you are shown, as if by magic, is "just a little bit more than your price range."

Tip # 6: Inspect the Inspectors

Home inspectors are expected to complete a thorough check of the house and, with a keen and expert eye, point out flaws or structural defects the prospective owner should know before before closing the deal.

Tip # 7: Strengthen Your Hand and Close Your Eyes

Before you get to the closing, make sure you spend a week or two doing exercises to strengthen your writing hand. You will need it to sign your name about 500 times on the stacks of documents waiting for you there.

Keep these seven tips in mind, and no matter how difficult, tedious, or frustrating the home-buying process becomes, remember that when it's completed, you will own your part of the American Dream! You will have graduated from home buyer to home owner – and you will no longer have to worry about dealing with Realtors.

Instead, you can start worrying about replacing the antiquated heating system in your new house, caulking the bathroom fixtures, insulating the windows and doors, cleaning the carpets and floors, fixing the unhinged doors, and trimming back the overgrowing weeds around the porch.


Source by Samantha Johnson

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