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Being engaged is a big deal for both the bride and groom to be. Mostly the bride and her family become excited about the up coming event of the wedding. The engagement party is customary, and it can cost a whole lot, or if money is an issue as the plans for the wedding gets closer, then, doing one on a budget can be just as tasteful.

First of all, the engagement ring that costs a pretty penny may have put a dent in your budget for the wedding. Most couples, these days, are planning and paying for their wedding, so the burden is taken off the shoulders of the brides parents; who traditionally pays for the wedding.

Making a budget is essential, as you will need to know how many persons you want to invite. The groom needs to make his list including the best man, attendees, family members and close friends. For the bride- to- be list, she has to have her maid-of-honor, parents, friends and the necessary participants in the wedding. If the wedding is a grand affair, then, the engagement party need not be as grand. Your plans can be centered on a more relaxed occasion, where the invited guests; especially those out of towers will get to know each other. This can be a barbecue in your back yard; if you have enough space, or maybe a restaurant that you visited and both liked the food. The host can plan a tasteful, yet less expensive affair.

The invitations need not be as formal as the wedding invitations, they maybe just creative emails sent to the guests. Time is important, so, giving your guests about six weeks notice is enough. The wedding if planned for a longer time period is quite all right, as the guests will have time to get their affairs in order, and be able to RSVP early.

Food for the engagement party can be finger foods or if you rather a buffet style service that ends with people just sitting around and socializing while they dine on tidbits served. Functional and unique is what you are aiming for with this kind of party, so use your imagination and you will never go wrong; remember your guests are people who know you and know your tastes so they will not be surprised by what you plan.

Music may or may not be spectacular. You can have just a tape deck with the oldies, but goodies songs being played, or the same songs played on your iPod. Vintage maybe what you are aiming for, so, the theme may just be that, while the music sets that tone for the evening. Be creative, and remember your budget, as there is still a wedding to plan.


Source by James K Allen

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