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The last couple of years have seen social media take the world by storm. The Facebook community is larger than the population of most nations and growing exponentially. Video marketing coupled with social media is a very powerful marketing organ and increasingly businesses are turning to social media networks to reach their customers. Those who have stumbled upon this great medium have realized that they can target their video marketing campaign on these platforms to drive more traffic to their websites, boost revenues and create brand identity.

Video marketing on social media platforms leverage the power of viral marketing to a new high. The world is getting connected more and more and communications are more open and transparent. Once your video is launched in social media sites like Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn, it can travel across communities and spread like wildfire. In order to make this effective, the video content must drive a powerful sales message and promise value to potential customers. Otherwise like any other weak campaign, even video marketing can fall flat on its face.

You must chalk out a thorough social media marketing strategy, which must include your objectives of branding, networking, and traffic generation, back links to your website and blogs and to create a buzz about the products on offer. Put yourself in the shoes of your target audience, think the same thoughts, feel the same emotions and experience the same desires and tailor your video marketing to suit this purpose. The video should be a combination of being persuasive, informative and inductive to call for action. If the last part is ignored or glossed over, than even a great looking video will fail in its purpose of generating business.

Be uniform in all your messages and sales copies across all media platforms including social media. A familiar theme in updates and episodes will help in creating a memorable identity and the customer can recall without difficulty your signature, helping you build up your brand. Incoherent and disjointed sales copies pulling in different directions, be it plain sales copy, web content or video content, will frustrate the target and they will lose interest.

If you are a niche marketer or a volume marketer, your video must not be all hard sales messages. Try to include interesting tit bits, advice, suggestions and latest information, so that people on your mail list and otherwise look forward to your next video. This will create a strong bond with your target audience. The video should not be hard, aggressive and in your face type. If the content is interesting and compelling, it by itself will do the selling for you. Many people are put off and feel cornered and pressurized by hard selling messages in any form including video marketing.

The ball game in social media marketing is quite different. A majority on your friend list and community will cotton on to what you are driving at, if you link back to you home page. Try to link back to internal pages and create deep links which show the viewer that you are more interested in being informative. This will build trust and also subtly do the selling for you.


Source by Arnold Pedrigal

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