Prepare and defend against a disaster

When you go camping, hiking or taking long excursions, you usually prepare a bag with food, water, medical supplies, rain and cold protective gear, emergency flares, etc. It is a chore getting things organized for a long trip. There are different types of survival kits … and the one I am speaking of is the survival of our well being. There are so many problems that cross our paths on a daily basis and we take it to heart when trying to solve them.

We get ourselves all tied up in knots, worry ourselves and sometimes the people around us that we do not realize the consequences of it all. We need to do things that make our life simpler and not worry about a lot of the fanfare that is necessary to complete a project. We worry about what people will think if we do or say something that is not to their liking. Everything has to be perfect – yes to some extent. To survive the hassles of planning a function or event we have to look at what makes it easier on ourselves. People feel that they have to keep up with others to make it a complete success. Even if we do that, there will always be someone who still does not like what we do or what we think. So why do we knock our heads up against the wall, because causing us unnecessary stress and worry.

Do what you feel is right and comfortable for you. Everything will fall into place and you will then pass Survival 101. You will surely pass Survival 202 'Leaving Stress Behind And Enjoying Life'.

Source by Jacqueline Coote

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