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The Ka-Bar Becker Campanion makes my list as the best survival knife on the market because of its overall usefulness and indestructibility. The Ka-Bar Becker series knives are one of the most positively reviewed knives on the web. There are critics everywhere especially when it comes to choosing the best survival knife however you will be hard pressed to find any bad reviews on this blade.

Here are the stats:

Overall Length: 10.5 "Blade Length: 5.25" Weight: 13 oz Price: $ 55 – $ 60

Light Weight and Effective

The Becker BK2 Campanion is the best survival knife for someone that wants to carry a light weight blade that has a ton of usability. The full tang, 1/4 inch thick, 5.25 "blade is made of 1095 cro van steel and is the right size for small batting and chopping chores yet is easy to carry and light weight The full flat grind of the blade allows it to Baton like a champ even though that it is a bit inhibited by the blade size. You wont be batting huge logs with this knife but it will easily split kindling and medium size logos. .

The Handle Specs

The handle is made of glass filled nylon or otherwise called Grivory, it has a steel pummel on the butt of the knife for any pounding or hammering applications. It has a single lanyard hole at the base which a para cord lanyard or other type of lanyard can be attached.

The Overall Feel

The Ka-Bar Becker BK2 has a surprising hefty and is thick, when you put this sucker in your hand you know that you are holding a knife that is meant to be used as a hardworking tool. The durability of this knife is incredible since the "best survival Knife" title. It will chop all day long and still keep a great edge to make a feather stick or skin game.


Source by Dave Slovenec

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