Prepare and defend against a disaster

If it’s not my way, I’m taking my ball, and going home! How many times, have we heard, a child, on the school – yard, proclaim this, when he didn’t get his way? While this may be a somewhat, normal, if immature behavior, from a child, shouldn’t we expect, better, from the leaders of our nation? Most would agree, we are presently living through, a period, unlike any, in recent memory. The level of polarization, appears to be, unprecedented (at least, since the American Civil War). When President Trump, calls anything, he disagrees with, or criticizes him (or even disagrees, and/ or, questions), Fake News, he disparages, the protected principle, of a free and independent Press! Since his Presidential campaign, President Trump has made, a Wall, along our Southern Border, a centerpiece of his appeal, to his core supporters, who, seem to be willing to overlook, the unkept assertion, that, Mexico would pay for it. He refused to negotiate, in good faith, insisting on $5.7 billion, for his edifice, although, most experts proclaim, a physical barrier, of that scope, is ineffective, unreasonably expensive, and, may believe, an un – American symbol! This was a major factor in the record – setting, 35 day, partial government shutdown, which did little, other than creating unwarranted pain, upon many, who could least afford it! Trump demanded a bi – partisan Congressional committee, present something, acceptable, by today, and, when they did, and he didn’t get anywhere near his request, has publicly, pouted, voiced his displeasure, and stated, although, he would sign, the agreement, he would declare a National Emergency, to obtain the rest of the funds, he states, he needs. What ever happened to Balance of Powers, and what is referred to as, Article 1, which provides, Congress, controls budgeting, and spending? Although, it seems, there will be several different attempts, to over – rule him, including, perhaps, Congressional vote, and/ or Court actions, isn’t permitting this, a dangerous precedent to set?

1. Haven’t other Presidents declared National Emergencies?: Certainly, these emergencies have been declared before, but, nearly always, were, because of a natural disaster, after a true security threat, such as post – 9/11, etc. The last time, a President declared a National Emergency, after Congress, refused to provide, what he wanted, was, in 1945, when President Truman, attempted to nationalize the steel industry, because of a labor strike, during World War II. Even then, under those circumstances, the Supreme Court ruled, the President did not have that right!

2. Why is this dangerous?: What’s the point of Congress, if a President, is able to circumvent their vote, by declaring some sort of special emergency? Common sense should tell, most public, elected officials, even if they support, Mr. Trump (or are politically motivated by being Republicans), they might not want, a future individual, from a different political perspective, to use this reasoning and approach, to proclaim, for example, extreme gun control policy, severe environmental policy, etc!

If you, truly, love, and believe in the principles, America is based upon, you must, demand, the adherence to the principle, that no individual, is entitled to be, above the law! Wake up, America, and look at the bigger – picture!

Source by Richard Brody

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